Best Car Wash Soap for Black Cars

The Best Car Wash Soap for Black Cars in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide 

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If you happen to inspect most luxury cars, you’ll realize that most of them have black polish. Not only does it give your auto a classy look, but it’s also a color that’s synonymous with power and beauty. But, despite giving your auto a striking and eye-catching look, black is a color that can be unforgiving and difficult to maintain. For that reason, you need the best car wash soap for black cars to maintain the shine and brilliance of such cars.

You see, some people prefer taking their cars to automated car washes while others prefer buying car washing soaps to wash their autos by themselves. In either case, buying the right car wash soap is an absolute necessity as these soaps are designed to remove dirt and grime from your car without damaging the paint.

When washing your auto at home, it’s easy to fall into the temptation of using household soaps and detergents. Since these soaps are formulated to remove grease, using them can strip off the protective wax coating from your car. For that reason, this guide has listed ten car wash soaps that will help restore the former shine of your black beauty.


Best Car Wash Soap: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 10 Best Car Wash Soap for Black Cars Reviews:


1. Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit, 9 Items


Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit, 9 Items

Product Specifications

  • Model: HOL203
  • Weight: 5.74 Pounds
  • Quantity: 9 items

So, claiming the pole position in our discussion is the Chemical Guys HOL203 Black Car Care Kit. Now, by just looking at this car care kit, it’s easy to tell why Chemical Guys are dominating the car wash business at such a rapid pace. Instead of offering you a single car wash soap, this brand has gone ahead to stock you with an additional premium glaze, wax, and sealant to ensure your car’s former luster is restored at no extra cost.

You see, maintaining that distinct show-winning shine on your black car can be very costly. But, with the Chemical Guys Car Care Kit at your disposal, this process can be accomplished by applying 1 oz of Hybrid V7 soap to at least 5-gallons of water. When it comes to the cleaning process, Chemical Guys have supplied you with three smooth microfiber cloths to prevent scratching your car’s finish in the process.

When you’re done, you can use the extra microfiber cloths to wipe off excess water before applying the wet wax and the Hybrid Radian Finish. Besides, there’s a special high gloss spray sealant in the package that serves as an ultimate glow enhancer. This gives your car a deep gloss and reflection allowing you to earn a lot of respect on the road.

Highlighted Features

  • The package comes as a kit containing the car soap, wax, radiant finish, and the sealant
  • The dedicated hand pads and microfiber clothes make the cleaning process safe and fast
  • Doesn’t contain artificial colors and harmful additives
  • Gives your car a deep gloss and reflection
  • Soft and gentle on your car’s finish

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2. Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash


Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash, Ultra-Rich Car Wash...

Product Specifications

  • Volume: 128 Fluid Ounces
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
  • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner

Coming in at second is the Maguiar’s G7101FF Gold Class Car Wash. Now, being one of the most acclaimed brands in the automotive tools and supplies, Maguiar’s has managed to outclass most of its closest rivals by designing this car wash soap with both cleaning and conditioning capabilities.

When it comes to cleaning your black auto, this soap uses its advanced shampoo formula to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants without hurting your car’s wax protection. While most soaps contain toxic detergents, this one is non-detergent making it soft and gentle on your car’s paint job. Other than its advanced shampoo formula, the Maguiar’s G7101FF Gold Class Car Wash contains some conditioning properties that make it an effective conditioner.

About its application, Maguiar’s advises users to mix this car wash shampoo with clean water in the ratio of 5:1. The cleaning process is easy as you only need to use a clean mitt to gently wash your car. Alternatively, you can use a foam cannon to spray the soap solution on your car. This car wash shampoo is 2-in-1 and above all, it has a pleasant smell that makes it a huge deal for most car owners.

Highlighted Features

  • This car wash is formulated to act as a shampoo and as a conditioner
  • It has an advanced foaming formula that removes grime and dirt from your car’s surface
  • The ultra-rich conditioner leaves a radiant look on your car
  • The soap has a pleasant smell
  • Contains bio-degradable detergents that are less harmful to your car’s protective wax

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3. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine


Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine - ONR Car Wash, 1...

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 1-Gallon
  • Weight65 Pounds
  • Model: NR2010G

If you live in regions that have an insufficient supply of water, perhaps you might wish to consider the convenience of using the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine. Just as its name suggests, this car wash soap doesn’t demand a huge water supply just to clean your car. With just one to two gallons of water, cleaning your car will be an easy process.

Now, the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine is equipped with specialized substantive polymers that bond with your car’s paint job to effectively remove dirt, debris, and stubborn grime from your dear auto. Since it doesn’t require any excess water to rinse off the soap, this idea helps to maintain your car’s glossy finish for a much longer time.

Besides, this best car wash soap allows safer and faster washes of your car without worrying about any messy runoff water. Its advanced formula also allows it to suit a variety of vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, ORVs, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes. Although the Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine doesn’t leave any soapy residue on your car’s surface, it’s not the best option for cleaning heavy residual build-up.

Highlighted Features

  • Best when used in cold winter seasons
  • Doesn’t require excess water when rinsing
  • Gentle on your car’s finish
  • Advanced polymers bond with your car’s paint job to offer maximum protection
  • Suits a wide range of vehicles

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4. Chemical Guys HOL126 14-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit


Chemical Guys HOL126 14-Piece Arsenal Builder Car...

Product Specifications

  • Model: HOL126
  • Weight: 5.49 Pounds
  • Quantity: 14 Pieces

Have you ever looked at your car and wondered whether it was painted using a broom? Well, chances are that you have used shampoos with harsh chemical detergents. So, to avoid leaving swirl marks and scratches on your car’s paint job, you need to invest in the right car wash shampoo such as the Chemical Guys HOL126 14-Piece Car Wash Kit.

Now, just like the Chemical Guys HOL203 Car Care Kit, the Chemical Guys HOL126 Car Wash Kit comes as a set consisting of 14 pieces. Each of these pieces is considered the best in their respective categories. So, with a combination of the best car wash products, what you’ll get is a perfect scratch-free shine on your car’s body.

The Chemical Guys HOL126 14-Piece Car Wash Kit consists of a 4.5-gallon detailing bucket, a TORQ foam gun, 5 × 16oz car cleaning chemicals, 3 microfiber towels, a microfiber wash mitt, and a handle brush. Other than just removing dirt and grime from your car, this kit can restore your car’s former shine thus lowering the chances of having to repaint your car more often.

Highlighted Features

  • The value of this kit is cheaper than buying the products separately
  • Comes with all the pieces needed for cleaning, waxing, and sealing your paint job
  • The cleaning tools in this kit are gentle enough on your car’s body
  • Easier to use by both newcomers and professional detailers
  • You can clean your car using the TORQ foam blaster gun or the 4.5-gallon bucket

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5. Adam’s Car Shampoo Gallon – pH Best Car Wash Soap


Adam's Shampoo (Gallon) - pH Car Wash Soap For...

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 1-Gallon
  • Scent: Wildberry
  • 110% satisfaction guarantee
  • Made in the USA

When Adam Pilate founded the Adam’s Polishes brand, his main idea was to create a new detailing culture that would change how people groomed their cars. Most of Adam’s polish products are considered premium as they are carefully formulated with special blends of polymers, waxes, and acrylics to make them safe on all car surfaces.

The Adam’s Car Shampoo Gallon is just one of the premium products manufactured by this brand. Available in a 1-gallon pack, this car wash shampoo is equipped with a blend of advanced polymers and acrylics that form a thick snow-like foam when mixed with water. Using its unique cutting-edge formulation, this shampoo lubricates your car’s paint surface making it easier to remove dirt, grime, and stubborn grease.

Besides, this shampoo is pH balanced meaning it doesn’t ruin your car’s waxing protection. In fact, its gentle formulation allows you to wash your car in broad daylight without worrying about the effects of UV rays. Additionally, the Adam’s Car Shampoo Gallon can be used on a variety of vehicle surfaces such as plastic, rubber, vinyl, windows, and paint. Equipped with a 110% satisfaction guarantee, this shampoo is exclusively made in the USA making it an authentic bargain.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be paired with Adam’s microfiber towels, brushes, and mitts for effective cleaning
  • Releases an inspiring wild berry fragrance
  • Safe to use on a wide range of car surfaces
  • Contains a pH balanced formulation
  • This shampoo is biodegradable and environmentally safe

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6. Mothers 05602 California Gold Car Wash


Mothers 05602 California Gold Car Wash - 1 Gallon

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 1-Gallon
  • Model: 05602
  • Weight: 8.8 Pounds
  • pH balanced

Road film, Bird dropping, intense radiation, and airborne pollutants are just some of the harsh abuse your car endures while on the road. For most black cars, these types of grime can easily break down the lustrous black shine on your dear auto making it quite unappealing. Therefore, to remove such road grime quickly and effectively, you need a premium car wash shampoo such as the Mothers 05602 California Gold Wash.

Now, the Mothers 05602 California Gold Wash is equipped with a balanced pH that makes it gentle on your car’s paint job. On the other hand, its unique formulation makes it a serious dirt and grime remover giving you a spotlessly clean result when washing your car.

Most of the car washes in the market come as a wash plus wax solution. Although this approach saves both time and money, it doesn’t guarantee seriously impressive results. For that reason, the Mothers 05602 California Gold Wash is specifically designed for car washing making it among the best car wash soap for black cars.

Highlighted Features

  • It is pH balanced meaning it doesn’t leave swirl marks on your car’s body
  • Excellent in removing dirt and road grime
  • Its formulation doesn’t ruin your car’s paint job or sealant wax
  • Its super-sudsy formula doesn’t cause scratches or water spots
  • Offers long-lasting benefits on your car

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7. Armor All Foam Action Car Wash


Armor All Foam Action Car Wash Soap, Cleaning...

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 4 × 64 fl Oz bottles
  • Model: 17450-4PK
  • Weight: 18.5 Pounds

If you own a black car, then you’re aware of how risky it can be to trust household detergents. Since most of them contain harsh chemicals that can strip your car’s wax sealant, a gentler car wash soap such as the Armor All Foam Car Wash is hence the ultimate answer.

Now, Armor All is a brand that’s well known for supplying premium interior detailing products. But, despite that, this brand has been doing well lately especially in the car wash category. This is all thanks to the Armor All Foam Car Wash that’s hailed for its spectacular performance. Its clean-rinsing formula is one of its major selling points as it guarantees spot-free and steak-free results when cleaning your auto.

This liquid wash has an advanced foaming action that is tough on stains especially those stubborn dirt and road grime. Its formula is both biodegradable and environmentally friendly making it gentle on your car’s wax or sealant. And that’s not all. This car wash soap comes as a pack of 4 × 64 fl Oz bottles giving you enough supply that will last for several months.

Highlighted Features

  • Suited for a wide range of vehicles such as trucks, motorcycles, and cars
  • Comes as a pack containing 4 × 64 fl Oz bottles
  • The clean-rinsing formula prevents streaks and spots from forming on your car’s body
  • Removes dirt and grime without stripping off any wax or sealant
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable

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8. Turtle Wax 53479 Hybrid Solutions Pro Liquid Wax


Turtle Wax 53479 Hybrid Solutions Pro to The Max...

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 14 Oz
  • Model: 53479
  • Weight: 1.06 Pounds

Whether you’re an enthusiast or a professional car detailer, you’ve probably heard of Turtle Wax at one point. Actually, this is one of the most respected brands when it comes to supplying innovative and technologically advanced car wash products and waxes. One of their latest offerings is the Turtle Wax 53479 Hybrid Solutions Pro Liquid Wax.

You see, after washing your car, the last step you shouldn’t forget is to condition the car’s body to restore its professional showroom shine. Thankfully, the Turtle Wax 53479 is equipped with a Hybrid Smart Shield technology that creates an invisible web of protection on your car’s surface.

To offer the much-needed effectiveness, the Turtle Wax 53479 is equipped with a Graphene infused formula that’s extracted through a process called “High-Pressure Exfoliation & Stabilization”. It also contains super-hydrophobic polymers that work together to protect your paint job against stains, toxic chemicals, and UV rays. Available in a 14 oz bottle, the Turtle Wax 53479 Liquid Wax is one of the best options that will guarantee a scratch-free cleaning experience.

Highlighted Features

  • The Graphene infused formula offers advanced protection to your car’s paint job
  • Super-hydrophobic polymers resist chemicals and UV damage to your car’s finish
  • Can be applied using a microfiber cloth or a buffing machine
  • This wax cures for just 24 hours after application
  • Available in a 14 oz bottle

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9. Rain-X 620034 Spot Free Car Wash


Rain-X 620034 - 48 fl oz - Deep Cleaning, High...

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 48 fl. Oz.
  • Weight: 0.0322 Ounces
  • Model: 620034

Rain-X is a brand that specializes in supplying rain protection production for windshields. With a wide knowledge in repelling the elements, this brand has offered its diehards a car wash liquid soap that is specifically formulated to clean your car to give you a spot-free finish.

The Rain-X 620034 Spot Free Car Wash is exactly what we’re talking about. Available in a 48 fl. Oz. bottle, this soap is equipped with a unique blend of rinsing polymers that lubricates your car’s paint job to cut through stubborn dirt and grime. Besides, its innovative formula uses a unique water sheening technology to prevent swirl marks and water spots after every cleaning process.

With this technology, you don’t need to use any extra microfiber cloths to wipe off excess water from your car’s body. In the process, this helps to save time and lower the cost of repainting your car, as there are no scratches involved. The Rain-X 620034 Spot Free Car Wash is pH balanced making it one of the best car shampoo in the car wash business.

Highlighted Features

  • The unique blend of rinsing polymers allow water to sheen off the car’s body for fast drying
  • The formula is pH balanced and biodegradable making it safe
  • Formulated to cling on dirt and grime for effective stain removal
  • Available as a single pack containing 48 fl. Oz
  • Cleans and restores your car’s former shine

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10. Griot’s Garage 11102 Car Wash 16 oz


Griot's Garage 11102 Car Wash 16 oz

Product Specifications

  • Quantity: 16 oz. bottle
  • Biodegradable
  • Model: 11102
  • Weight: 1 Pound

Coming last in our discussion is the Griot’s Garage 11102 Car Wash. Packed in a 16 oz. bottle, this liquid wash is equipped with special brighteners that heighten the color of your black auto to make it stunningly beautiful. This car wash is biodegradable making it gentle and safe on all paint finishes. It’s also pH balanced making it easier to lift dirt and grime from your car’s surface during the cleaning process.

Now, to guarantee top-notch results, the Griot’s Garage 11102 Car Wash is made from premium ingredients that make the soap overly concentrated. What this means is that 1 ounce of this liquid soap is enough to mix with 2-gallons of water without neutralizing its effectiveness. With such a mixing ratio, your car wash will last for a longer time without getting depleted.

Highlighted Features

  • The highly concentrated formulation allows you to use just 1 ounce per 2 gallons of water
  • Proper pH balancing makes this liquid soap gentle on your car’s wax and sealant
  • Its effective formulation removes dirt and road grime from your car’s body
  • Safe enough to use on a wide range of car surfaces
  • Packed in a 16 oz. bottle

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Things to Consider When Buying Car Wash Soap for Black Cars


If you happen to inspect your bathing habits, you’ll realize that your bathroom probably has several bathing soaps such as hair shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and body soap. Although all these soaps are categorized as bathing soaps, each one of them serves a different purpose.

Now, car wash soaps work in this same fashion. While some are used for washing off dirt and grime, others are intended to condition the car while others are formulated to wax and seal the existing paint job.

So, with that said, buying a car wash soap demands that you consider some key parameters before making your final decision. Since this process can be overwhelming at times, this section will discuss some key factors that will have a huge impact on the buying process.


1. Types of Soaps:

Just like the example, I game above regarding bathing soaps, car washes come in different forms with each intended to handle a particular task. With that said, let’s highlight the 3 main categories of car wash soaps.

  • General-Use Shampoo:

This type of car wash soap is specifically formulated to handle general car cleaning tasks. It can be used weekly or monthly depending on your car cleaning routines. This shampoo is environmentally safe and is gentle on your car’s wax and sealant.

  • Wash and Wax Shampoo:

To those living on a tight budget, a wash and wax shampoo is considered an excellent pick that washes and waxes the car to protect the car’s paint job from being stripped off.

  • Strip Shampoo:

Although our discussion is about car wash soaps, we can’t just ignore the convenience offered by a stripping shampoo. While other soaps are formulated to prevent any form of damage to your car’s paint job, this shampoo is the direct opposite.

Its main purpose is to strip off your car’s paint. It does this by using its toxic blend of additives to ruin the protective wax. Specifically formulated to work on painted surfaces, this shampoo is mostly used when you need to paint your car with a new coat.


2. Concentration:

The concentration of your specific car wash soap is another factor you shouldn’t neglect. You see, car washes come in different concentrations. In most cases, the higher the concentration, the longer the shampoo will last.

For instance, the best automatic car wash for black cars has a high concentration that allows you to dilute in the ratio of 1 ounce per 1-2 gallons of water without affecting the washing results.


3. pH Level:

When choosing a car wash soap, you need to inspect its pH level to determine whether it’s alkaline or acidic. In most cases, the best shampoo for black cars should be pH balanced with a little hint of alkalinity.

And why exactly? You see, most dirt and road grime are acidic in nature. Therefore, using a car wash with a neutral formula will help to break down the grime without corroding your car’s paint job. This is different if you use acidic soap such as dishwashing detergents.


4. Foaming Properties:

The foaming properties of soap can have a huge influence on how you clean your vehicle. According to most professional detailers, the best car wash liquid soap should develop a thick rich lather that has a natural lubricity.

This way, the soap’s cleaning additives will dig out the dirt and grime particles from your car’s surface and transfer them to the liquid layer of the soap for safe removal. This way, you won’t have to scrub your paint job just to remove the stains. As a result, your car’s paint job will remain strong for a longer time.


5. Scent:

Car wash soaps come in different scents with some releasing pungent smells and others having sweet light smells. If you’re allergic to highly concentrated fragrance smells, then a simple cleaning task can turn into a real hassle.

So, to avoid this, you need to take your time to distinguish which car wash soap is scentless, lightly scented and which one is highly concentrated.


6. Streak Resistance:

Most low-quality car washes tend to leave swirl marks and water spots on the surface of a car. This can be disastrous as the swirl marks can make your car appear dirty even after being washed.

So, to avoid this, it’s recommended that you pick a premium car wash shampoo that will offer a quick-drying solution without leaving any marks behind.


How to Wash a Car


Most people think that washing a car is a simple straightforward process. Although it’s easy if you’re used to it, cleaning a car involves following a few simple steps that are quite demanding. So, in this section, we’ll discuss how to effectively clean a black car without ruining its paint job.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Two buckets
  • Hose
  • Washing mitts
  • Car wash soap
  • Microfiber cloths

Steps to Follow

  • Step One: Always start by pre-rinsing the car thoroughly to remove any surface grime and debris. This is a very important first step that helps you to remove any dirt and debris particles that might get into contact with your mitt when scrubbing the car.
  • Step Two: Next, determine the dilution ratio of your car wash soap depending on how dirty your car is. Since most premium car wash soaps are highly concentrated, one ounce of the liquid soap will be enough to suit one to two gallons of warm water.
  • Step Three: Once you’ve determined the ratio, mix the soap in a bucket of warm water and agitate the water until you get a thick cloud of white foam. Dunk your wash mitt or sponge in the water and start cleaning your car starting with the upper parts moving downwards.
  • Step Four: When washing, make sure that you change the water frequently whenever it gets saturated with debris. This will help to prevent your mitt from picking small pebbles that might scratch your car’s paint job.
  • Step Five: During the cleaning process, make sure that you wash and rinse each section separately. This will help to prevent you from transferring dirt particles to different parts. When rinsing your car, make sure that you use a hose. This will allow water to flow freely thus getting rid of surface dirt.
  • Step Six: Once your car is clean, you can use a dry microfiber towel to get rid of excess water. Always make sure that your car is packed in a shaded area to shield it from the effects of UV rays.

Once your car is fully dry, you can consider waxing the surface using the best car wax for black cars. This will help in restoring its natural shine while still protecting the paint job from the effects of UV rays.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 


  • 1. Are There Any Alternatives to Using Car Wash Soaps?

There are times when car wash soaps can turn to be an expensive prospect. In such a scenario, it’s highly recommended that you consider affordable and environmentally friendly alternatives such as vinegar, oil, and pH-balanced dish soaps. Although these cleaning products are not specifically formulated for washing cars, they can still offer the expected results but only when used correctly.

  • 2. Are Car Wash Soaps Harmful to Plants?

Car wash products are chemicals and should be stored safely especially in their concentrated forms. However, once they’re diluted with water, the best car wash soap for dark cars automatically becomes gentle and environmentally friendly. The run-off water is harmless to flowers, grass, bushes, and any other vegetation growing around your garage or driveway.

  • 3. Can I Use a Car Wash Shampoo on a Foam Cannon or Pressure Washer?

Yes, you can. However, using a foam cannon to wash your car will demand a lot. First, you need to pay attention to the ratio of the car wash to that of the water. Secondly, you need to know which soaps are the most recommended for use with foam cannons.

For instance, the Maguiar’s Gold Class, Adam’s Car Wash, and Chemical Guys Car Wash soaps are considered the best when used with foam cannons. On the other hand, pressure washers should be avoided at any cost as they can potentially strip the wax and sealant from your car.

  • 4. How Often Should I Clean My Car?

Well, this depends on the amount of abuse your car is getting. For instance, if you’re driving frequently during the winter months, then you’ll need to wash your car frequently to protect the paint job from the harsh effects of ice-preventing chemicals. Otherwise, if you’re driving in normal conditions, then washing your car at least once every month will be ideal.


Final Verdict

Your car is a valuable possession that should be maintained at any cost. One way of maintaining its former gloss is by washing it using the best car wash soap for black cars. But, for these shampoos to be effective, you need to follow the right cleaning procedures such as the six steps we’ve discussed just above.

With that said, we believe that this guide has offered you the right information regarding the best car wash liquid soaps. In case you’d like to add something or maybe share your personal experience with car washes, then you’re free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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