Best LED Bulbs for Projector Headlights

The Best LED Bulbs for Projector Headlights in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide 

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Most stock headlight bulbs are made to handle regular driving conditions on well-lit roads but that is not always the case. Investing in the best LED bulbs for projector headlights will improve your beams from a maximum of 2,400 Lumens in high beam to over 7,000. They will brighten up your road while also offering longer service with less load on your electrical system compared to halogen and xenon HID bulbs.

LED bulbs are pretty simple to get around really. Just ensure that the cooling system is powerful enough in relation to the bulb’s wattage. To be sure that the stated Lumen count is real, just remember that each Watt resembles about 130 Lumens which dictate the level of brightness the bulb will offer. This guide contains reviews for top-rated universal LED headlight bulbs and guidelines that will help you choose the best one for your car.



Best LED Bulbs for Projector Headlights: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 12 Best LED Bulbs for Projector Headlights Reviews:


1. Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens:10,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6500K
  3. Wattage: 60W

If you are looking for a set of bulbs that will transform your beams to shine brighter and further than stock, then this LED set will go a long way. The most interesting features of these bulbs are the 360° locker ring that allows you to focus your beams and their high-quality construction. The bulbs are built to last with aluminum bodies and powerful fans that disperse heat quickly to allow your headlights to last the stated 50,000 light hours of the bulbs.

It is a universal bulb set compatible with most H11, H9, and H8 projector headlight bodies with little to no modification needed depending on the model you are using. In most cases, all you have to do is place the bulbs at the right angles in the housing and test your low and high beams to see if everything is alright. Its 6500K reading means that you will have a strong white beam making this one of the best H11 LED bulbs for projector headlights you can buy for any weather.

Highlighted Features

  1. The universal lock ring and connection plug eliminate the need for modification for low and high beams.
  2. Each bulb has a large heat sink with a strong fan to ensure even heat dispersion which improves the bulb’s length of service.
  3. The bulbs are a 1:1 ratio with stock halogen bulbs making them easy to plugin and use.
  4. The beams are strong and white with no-hazy yellows which makes them effective in storms and off roads.
  5. Each LED bulb uses 30W which doesn’t overload your car battery and electrical system.


2. SNGL Projector-Specific Version H11 LED Headlight Bulb 

SNGL Projector-Specific Version H11 LED Headlight...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens:15,200lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,000K
  3. Wattage: 55W

SNGL is a top brand when it comes to the best LED headlights thanks to their revolutionary technology for eliminating scattering. These bulbs have the actual LEDs concentrated in a cone shape at the tip of the bulb effectively increasing your down-road light. This bulb design also eliminated what is called the dark triangle that cause dark spots in a driver’s view when weaker LED projector headlight bulbs are used.

These are also standard H11 headlight bulbs that you can use for both your high and low beams as long as they are compatible with your vehicle’s headlight design. They are plug and play because they are the same size as standard halogen stock bulbs although you may need an anti-flicker/decoder for some vehicle models depending on model and year. Your owner’s manual and first test will help.

Highlighted Features

  1. Concentrated LED chips to reduce light scatter and dark spots in your beams.
  2. It is universally compatible with any H11 halogen projector headlight housing without modification.
  3. There is minimal wiring on these LED bulbs which reduces the chances of damage from water, snow, and other contaminants.
  4. The bulbs have big and strong fans as well as a cold-pressed aluminum heatsink which disperses heat faster.
  5. The concentrated beams that reduce scattering improve your beam focus.

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3. Nilight A9 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs, H11 / H9 / H8 LED Headlights Conversion Kit

Nilight A9 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs, 100W 20000lm...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens:10,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,000K
  3. Wattage: 60W

If you are looking for the best bulbs for projector headlights that will give you a focused beam just like your halogen bulbs but way brighter and whiter; then these tiny looking bulbs will do. There doesn’t seem to be much to them because their starter is built into the LED bulb’s body leaving only minimal wiring. The LED chips are also built to imitate the filament of your halogen bulb so that your light doesn’t scatter once you mount the bulbs.

The resulting combination is a strong and properly focused white beam that makes your view better without hurting oncoming traffic. Despite the compactness, these bulbs still pack all the essential features they need to last long including a fan and a cast-aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat quickly.

Highlighted Features

  1. It has a compact weatherproof body that allows your headlights to keep shining through the worst weather.
  2. They have standard power usage that doesn’t overload your battery while delivering a stronger beam.
  3. The LED chips imitate traditional halogen bulbs in delivering a focused beam but with a longer and brighter view.
  4. Minimal wiring including an inbuilt starter means the bulbs don’t take up space under your hood.
  5. They are universally compatible with most halogen projector headlight housing reducing the need for modification when installing.

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4. Philips Automotive Lighting H1 Crystal Vision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight 

Philips Automotive Lighting H1 CrystalVision Ultra...


       Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 7,150lm
  2. Kelvins: 4,300K
  3. Wattage: 55W

Philips is a popular brand when it comes to car headlight bulbs. If you are planning to replace your blurry yellow halogen bulbs with something whiter and brighter but not too fancy, then this pair will work for you. These are the best H1 LED bulbs for projector headlights designed to give a safe beam that doesn’t differ too much from your halogen light bulbs. It is one of the safest replacement bulbs you can use for projector headlights.

They bring the look of high-quality xenon bulbs for the price of your regular halogens and also offer longer service if handed right and installed properly. You should check for the lock ring and connector compatibility before buying the right one for your car. Once you match them to your car model, you won’t need anti-flickering and other modifications making it easy and cheap to install.

Highlighted Features

  1. They have the same balanced beam as the stock lights but are whiter and brighter so there is less scattering and change to your angle of view.
  2. The bulbs have a longer service life than stock lights making them the best H1 replacement bulbs for the money.
  3. The blue coating above the filaments serves to whiten the beam and increase the down-road light imitating HID bulbs.
  4. Universal compatibility with halogen projector bodies makes them cheap and easy to install.
  5. The light emitted by these bulbs is a kind off-yellow meant to reduce the glare on oncoming traffic while complementing the driver’s view.

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LIGHTENING DARK H11 LED Headlight Bulbs, 20000LM...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 10,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,000K
  3. Wattage: 80W

These are all-bright-white LED bulbs suitable for both off-roading and regular traffic driving. These LED bulbs are also designed to deliver light in the same position as your stock bulbs except they have a stronger and whiter beam. They are well-built for heavy-duty conditions so they will deliver their 50,000 hours even when you drive through storms. The cooling system starts with a copper conductor that spreads the heat quickly to the strong fan in the heatsink to keep your LED chips below the critical temperature.

The wiring and the driver are also locked nicely in rainproof casings to keep them safe from water, snow, and other contaminants. The best part is the compatibility with your stock halogen projector body which they are designed to fit in with little effort. They will work in both high and low beams with the universal lock ring turning 360° to allow you to focus your beams.

Highlighted Features

  1. It has a durable aluminum body that repels elements and keeps chips and wiring safe.
  2. The LED chips are positioned in the same place as the filaments of halogen stock bulbs to keep beams focused and reduce scattering and dark spots.
  3. The bulbs have a superior cooling system supplied by copper conductors and a powerful fan.
  4. Waterproof housing for the driver and wiring ensures the bulbs keep working even in rough weather.
  5. The universal compatibility with halogen projector headlight bodies as well as a 360° rotating lock ring allows you to use the bulbs anywhere on the car.

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6. Cougar Motor H11 | H8 | H9 LED Bulb

Cougar Motor H11 LED Bulb, H9 LED H8 Lights Bulbs...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 10,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,500K
  3. Wattage: 60W

This is one of the brightest LED bulbs you can buy in the market thanks to the twist the manufacturer has done to the LED chips. The bulbs have three chips on each side instead of the regular two used in other bulbs so you can expect it to be at least three times brighter than stock. At 6000k, these bulbs are also whiter than your halogen and H1 bulbs giving you the feel of daylight when you drive.

Despite the many improvements made to the lighting, the bulbs are super-compact and easy to install with no wiring and drivers to deal with. The chips are concentrated below the tip of the LED bulb to create a huge wall of light without glare. The design keeps the beams focused on the driver’s view and reduces your dark triangle when driving.

Highlighted Features

  1. The bulbs are 1:1 to stock with no wiring and driver making them easy to install.
  2. The bulb’s weatherproof construction prevents water, dust, and other chemicals from coming into contact with the wiring giving the bulbs a long life.
  3. The bulbs have a balance between the strength and color of light to reduce the glare on oncoming traffic while eliminating the dark triangle.
  4. The 360° lock ring rotation allows you to customize your beams and use these bulbs for both low and high beams.
  5. The three LED chips used immensely increase the power of the beam allowing you to see further.

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7. HIKARI TOP XHP50.2 LED, H1 LED Bulbs Conversion Kit

HIKARI VisionPlus H1 LED Bulbs,15000LM,30W TOP...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 10,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,000K
  3. Wattage: 60W

A weatherproof body and a reliable cooling system are the keys to the longevity of an LED bulb for projector headlights. These LEDs use the combination of copper plates and a strong fan system to eliminate heat build-up at the chips which is one of the most effective of any LED bulbs. The bulbs also employ three LED chips to give a flood of white light that widens the beams.

At 6000k, the beams on these bulbs are white and more penetrating than stock giving you a granular view. The wider view also eliminates blind spots both between the headlights and in the side view. With a CANbus-ready connection and minimal wiring, these bulbs are compatible and easy to mount on projector headlight bodies. You have to check with your manual in case you need an anti-flickering addition which you can also get from the manufacturer.

Highlighted Features

  1. The LED chips and unique flood-lighting design widens the beams which eliminates dark spots in the side view.
  2. The bulbs have a superior cooling system that ensures that temperatures remain below critical which lengthens the length of service.
  3. The bulbs are weatherproof so the elements won’t affect the fans and the drivers.
  4. They come with a universal lock ring that fits into your old halogen housing without modification and also allows you to turn and focus your beams.
  5. Build-in CANbus reduces the need for modification of your original wiring and also reduces interferences with other electricals in the car.

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8. Glowteck H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

Glowteck H13/9008 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 12,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,500K
  3. Wattage: 68W

At 6000lm per bulb, this set is one of the brightest LED bulbs you will find in the market. Despite the powerful beam they produce, these LEDs are fitted with an antiglare casing that ensures that your beams don’t render roads unusable. The lights are also strongly white giving you a clear view of every inch of the road ahead including your down-road. The most attractive aspect of this LED kit is the premium quality of construction.

With a strong ball ring fan, copper-plated heat sinks and aluminum bodies, these bulbs manage to dissipate all the heat from the chips faster than traditional fan-only led bulbs. Their compact weatherproof construction makes them one of the best led bulbs for projector headlights that don’t need customization to fit in your OEM housing. All you have to do is plug them into the housing and connect to your CANbus. Some car models may need extra attachments so you have to check with your manual for details.

Highlighted Features

  1. The bulbs are fitted with an anti-glare casing which prevents scattering light from harming oncoming traffic.
  2. The bulbs have a dual-cooling system which helps increase the length of their service.
  3. At 12,000 lumen maximum output and 6500k whiteness, these bulbs have one of the brightest and whitest beams in the market.
  4. They also employ a universal lock ring that rotates 360 degrees so you can use them for the low and high beam housing.
  5. Despite their strong output, these bulbs are constructed with premium material and cooling that allows them to live up to their 50000-hour life expectation.

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BEAMTECH H13 LED Headlight Bulbs, 16000LM 70W...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 10,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,500K
  3. Wattage: 60W

This is one of the sleekest led bulbs in the market and they come with a powerful beam that will transform your driving experience for years.  They are super-bright but have a glare regulator that will allow you to use them for regular on-road driving. They are also great for off-roading thanks to the wide beams and down-road illumination with one of the most detailed white beams of any LED bulb.  These bulbs are compact with a small but powerful fan and heatsink that help the bulbs live up to their 30,000hrs of service. The bodies are also weatherproof to keep the bulbs working through storms.

The chips are located at the same point as stock bulbs to eliminate the risk of blind spots once the bulbs are installed. They are directly compatible with any H13 headlight housing, so you won’t have to change anything to install them. Some models may need anti-flicker decoders so you have to check with your manual to match the bulb number.

Highlighted Features

  1. The chips emit a strong white beam at 6500k which is good for off-roading and foggy/stormy weather.
  2. The bulbs have minimal wiring involved so they are easy to plug and use.
  3. The 4 LED chips give a strong beam which is regulated by an anti-glare attachment to give a strong but balanced beam.
  4. The bulbs are constructed with durable aluminum alloys plus a waterproof design that helps them work through harsh weather.
  5. The bulbs still use the standard wattage, therefore, reducing the load on your electric system which keeps the rest of the electrical components working.

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10. SEALIGHT 9005/HB3 H11/H9 14000LM LED Bulbs 

SEALIGHT 2 PCS H11/H9/H8 Lo Beam and 2 PCS...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 14,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,000K
  3. Wattage: 60W

This is another led kit that resembles your stock halogen bulbs in size and position of the chips while giving a powerful beam that is over 200% stronger than stock. The bulbs are compact and quiet despite their powerful beams. The most attractive aspect of these bulbs is the minimal wiring which allows you to plug with ease into your housing with no need for anti-flicker decoders if the size matches your halogen bulbs.

These bulbs are not polarized and can be fitted within a short time which makes them the best led for projector headlights if you are looking for an easy plug and play led set. They use a copper heatsink to dissipate heat and allow the chips to live up to their 50,000hr expectancy. The bulbs still pack all the essential functions for customizing your beams including a universal lock ring for rotating. This is a set of four that allows you to replace all your fore-bulbs at once including fog lights.

Highlighted Features

  1. The chips are located at the same spot as halogen bulb filaments to give a stronger but balanced beam with no glaring.
  2. The No-fan cooling system is quiet and makes the bulbs less bulky which is good for your housing.
  3. 1:1 ratio to stock with minimal wiring makes the bulbs easy to mount with no modification needed.
  4. The kit comes in fours which allows you to change all your bulbs for uniform lighting.
  5. The heat dissipation through the copper plates is quick and quitter than fan-based bulbs.

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11. AUXITO 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs

AUXITO 9005 LED Bulbs 15000 Lumens Per Set 6500K...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 12,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,500K
  3. Wattage: 60W

This is another set of LED lights that employ four chips instead of two placed on each side of the LED bulb juts 0.8mm from each other to give a stronger circular beam. The bulbs are compact with the chips placed at the same point of illumination as your stock halogen lights. The resulting beam of 12,000 lumens is 300% brighter than halogen bulbs. The beams are also wider and more balanced than other LEDs that only use two chips for illumination.

The bulbs have CANbus ready wiring so you don’t need antiflicker decoders in most car models. They are the best LED bulbs for projector headlights when you need the feel of a xenon white light on your headlights on a budget. They have a solid weatherproof body with a turbofan for cooling which makes them a durable set of replacement bulbs.

Highlighted Features

  1. The connection wiring is heavily protected with weatherproof insulation which prevents water and dust from interfering with the bulb.
  2. The bulbs have universal connectivity with a 360° rotation that allows you to use the bulbs for both high and low beam applications.
  3. It uses a rapid turbo-fan for cooling which works with the cast aluminum heat sink to cool be bulbs.
  4. The use of four chips instead of two makes each beam stronger and whiter for a better driving experience.
  5. Despite the high brightness levels, the bulbs use a standard 60W which doesn’t overload your electrical system.
  6. The bulbs have inbuild drivers and insulated wiring which makes them easy to install and use.

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12. Auxbeam 9006 LED Light Bulbs

Auxbeam 9006 LED Light Bulbs, 60W 12000lm 9006 HB4...


Product Specifications

  1. Lumens: 6,000lm
  2. Kelvins: 6,000K
  3. Wattage: 60W

LED headlights can transform your driving experience but you need similarly powerful fog lights for the strongest and brightness DRL experience as well. The set has a classy finish to it which is a reflection of the durable aviation-grade aluminum used in its construction. They have a 6,000K rating which is bright as daylight and good for any stormy day or night. It is one of the best-LED headlight bulbs for replacing fog lights because it is equipped to give better lighting and last longer than your stock lights.

The bulbs are equipped with a two-way cooling system including a quieter fan and a copper-plate heat sink. The best part is the minimal cabling used on these bulbs; they are easy plug-and-play bulbs that will fit with no modification if the number matches. The design also imitates the stock bulbs so your white beam will still be balanced.

Highlighted Features

  1. The Bulbs have cast aluminum casing for the chips and the wiring which offers better protection for durability.
  2. They have a standard current consumption so they won’t overload your electricals.
  3. The bulbs have an external driver which helps prevent interference with your radio and other signals in the car when in use.
  4. The body and wiring are waterproof to keep the elements away from the fan and wiring
  5. The bulbs use two chips placed in the same design and position as halogen bulbs for a balanced xenon beam that doesn’t glare oncoming traffic.

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Things to Consider When Buying LED Bulbs for Projector Headlights


  • Compatibility

Before paying for any LED bulb, you have to be sure that it is a plug-and-play for your car which comes down to size and wattage. Most bulbs will fit directly into the housing as long as the number on the bulb matches your stock bulbs. You have to match your vehicle model and year to the bulb with the manufacturer before paying.

It is also wise to check whether you will need an anti-flicker decoder because having bright but flickering bulbs isn’t safe. Most sellers allow you to match their LEDS to your car right there before purchasing which will save you a big deal. If you are planning to use the lights as fog lights as well, you have to check whether they are built for that.


  • Brightness

Seeing further and better while driving is the main reason why anyone buys LED bulbs for projector headlights which is why you have to check the number of lumens the bulb will deliver. The brightness of your bulb will largely depend on the number of lumens the bulbs have. Higher lumens indicate more light output which means a brighter beam. However, to understand how much further your bulbs will illuminate, you have to check the LUX measurements on the bulbs. LUX measures the level of brightness per square meter from your headlight.


  • Color Temperature

The color temperature of a bulb is measured in kelvins. To understand how white your light will be, you just need to remember that bright sunshine at noon is 5500K. Most stock bulbs have a reading between 2400 and 4,000K which is a yellow to off yellow light. When choosing an LED bulb for your headlight, look for a reading between 5500K and 6500K and you will have your white to slightly blue beams. Anything above 6500k will be blue in appearance.


  • Position of the Chips

While many LED bulbs in the market boast of having the highest number of lumens, the real test comes when you mount them onto the car. Some may have a bright beam that scatters all over making it impossible for oncoming traffic to drive past you. Having the chips at the tip of the bulbs also leave a dark triangle between the two beams making it hard to make out the road. The most balanced and easy-to-focus beams are only achieved if the chips are positioned at the same spot as the filaments of your halogen bulbs.


  • Cooling System

The life of your LED bulbs entirely depends on their ability to cool effectively to prevent your chips from burning out. Many manufacturers are moving away from fan-based cooling but it is rarely a good idea. The best LED bulbs for projector headlights use a dual cooling system in the form of a fan and a copper or aluminum plated heatsink to dissipate heat.


  • Quality of housing and wiring

Many LED bulbs that don’t have a waterproof body will have a hard time running when they come into contact with any liquid. Exposed fans also get clogged with dust and other dirt in your hood and stop leading to bulbs burning out earlier than their service should last. The best-led headlights have a durable aluminum housing with insulation for both the driver and the plug to keep the elements out.


Types of Projector Headlights


  1. Halogen Projector Headlights

These are the oldest types of headlights used in projector headlights. They use halogen bulbs just like traditional reflector headlights and most stock headlights carry these types of bulbs. The bulbs use a halogen gas such as bromine which is parked by the evaporation at the tungsten filament to produce a beam that is easy to focus. The beams are usually yellow and have a short lifespan because the tungsten filament can only last 5 to 6 years.


  1. HID/Xenon Projector Headlights

This was the improvement from the halogen headlights which bring a stronger and whiter beam and also last longer than halogen projector headlights. HID stands for High-Intensity Diode which means the bulbs produce a stronger beam and are easier to control and regulate. They rely on two tungsten electrodes, one positively charged and the other negatively charged. The electrodes create an arc inside a quartz tube which is filled with ionized gas. These bulbs can easily outlast halogen bulbs.


  1. Halo/Angel Projector Headlights

Halo or ring projector headlights are becoming more popular with many manufacturers calling them the Angel light headlights since their introduction by BMW in 2001. These bulbs look cool but their brightness and color entirely depend on the type of bulb which can be LED, HID, or even halogen. The actual technology used varies from one manufacturer to another. The cool-looking ring is created by fitting two or three incandescent bulbs into a ring-shaped tube to give the round beam. Some manufacturers also use fluorescent tubes or gas to eliminate the dark spots found in traditional halo projector headlights.


  1. LED Projector Headlights

These are the new favorite type of projector headlights for car owners. They rely on bulbs mounted with two to four LED chips which give a strong light while drawing little energy from the battery. These bulbs are easier to focus on and customize and can easily outlast the lifetime of the vehicle. LED bulbs can also be mounted into Halogen or HID headlight housing.


Projector vs Reflector headlights: Which is better?


Reflector headlights have been in use for longer than projector headlights. While it is true that both types of headlights have been improved over the years, the fact remains that projector headlights are way better than their reflector counterparts. Both types of bulbs use a bulb and an elliptical reflector plate as the basics for creating a beam.

Projector headlights employ the advantage of a shutter and lens to focus the beams better and reduce the amount of light that scatters off. The lens focuses your beams and also allow you to switch between low and high beams which aren’t available in reflector headlights.


Benefits of Projector Headlights


  1. Projector headlights can use any type of bulb including Xenon HIDs which can’t be used in reflector headlights.
  2. Projector headlights give a brighter beam than reflector headlights allowing drivers to see better and further.
  3. Projector headlights allow you to customize your beams between low and high beams which is safe for oncoming traffic.
  4. The shutter and lens in projector headlights focus beams better making them safe for all road users.
  5. Most manufacturers are now using projector headlights which makes it easy to find replacement parts.


Frequently Asked Questions about LED  bulbs for Projector Headlights


  1. How long do LED headlight bulbs last?

The best LED headlights are made to last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours. Assuming you will use the lights for 3 to 6 hours a day, you are bound to use these bulbs for up to 20 years. LED when maintained right will last the entire lifetime of your car.


  1. Do LED bulbs flicker?

Your car’s electrical system is designed to give power to your stock halogen bulbs. LED bulbs, especially DRLs draw less power than halogen bulbs and this may lead to flickering. The errors don’t occur if the bulb’s voltage and size match that of your stock lights though. If your LEDs headlight bulbs flicker, you will need to buy a CANbus adapter or resistors to stabilize the current to the bulbs which will solve the problem. It is not a common error in the best headlight bulbs as discussed in the review though.


  1. Which is brighter between 6,000K and 8,000k?

3,000K to 4,500K will give a yellow beam which many people don’t consider to be bright enough. It is therefore agreeable to say that 5500 to 6500 K is brighter than the lower color temperature readings. However, as you go past 7,000, your beams become blue rather than white which makes them less bright so a 6000k reading will be brighter than 8000k.


  1. Will LED bulbs interfere with the car’s radio signal?

As LED chips draw power and shine, they need to be stabilized by a mechanism that may emit their own electric signals. The electric signals from the ballast of the LED bulbs may interfere with other electrical components of your car. Most high-quality LED bulbs use materials that prevent this from happening, but if it does, all you have to do is buy ferrite cores and wrap them around the wiring of the LED bulbs to stop the interference.


Final Verdict


Having the best bulbs for projector headlights is the first step to enjoying your driving experience. Good cars don’t always come with the best headlight bulbs though. LED headlight bulbs are an affordable and efficient method of bridging the gap most manufacturers impose on car owners. The options and guidelines in this review will help you get a set of bulbs that will last the rest of your car’s lifetime.

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