Best Lift Kit for Chevy 2500HD

The Best Lift Kit for Chevy 2500HD in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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When you get the itch to buy a truck, you just have to do it, right? Trucks can be so much fun riding around town or going off-roading. Having a truck like a Chevy 2500 is a game-changer though. But, after a while, you may want to add to this amazing piece of technology. This is why you are here right? To find the best lift kit for Chevy 2500HD.

Well, in this review, we got you all covered. From products to a buyer’s guide to frequently asked questions, the article is set for you to reap the benefits of all the information you need for ultimate success. So, sit back, take a load off, and get to read how you can make your Chevy 2500 better than ever before with a sweet lift kit.

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Best Lift Kit for Chevy 2500HD: Editor’s Top Picks


Types of Lift Kits



Types of Lift Kits


When it comes to lifting kits for the 2500HD, there are three types you should be familiar with. The three are suspension, leveling, and a body lift kit. This way, you can get educated on the right kit for you.

  • Suspension Lift Kit

A suspension kit is used to replace the suspension on the back and front of a vehicle. Shock absorbers are also taken out at this point. By adding this kit, the suspension of your vehicle will help raise the truck to a specific height.

When changing out suspension and shocks, the distance is increased between the axle and the ground. Your vehicle will travel much better. By improving the articulation of your truck, you will get the height, handling, and appearance like never before. Do be sure to have an odometer or speedometer to make things accurate, giving you a chance to add the biggest of tires.

  • Leveling Kit

A leveling kit is mostly to raise the front of a vehicle. Almost every make and model can have this happen to their vehicle. By taking out the factory rake, you will get able to add new and bigger tires as you have always wanted.

When you combine bigger tires with a leveling kit, you will get plenty of ground clearance for any type of off-roading experience. A pleasing look is something else you will enjoy as well. Leveling kits are also cheaper than a suspension kit. They are created to have the installation be done in a simple garage.

Lastly, you may not need bigger shocks, which is nice here as well. The shock extensions will limit the need to replace your shocks altogether. It is a kit like this that will allow you to have some flexibility in the installation process.

  • Body Lift Kit

The last kit you have to familiarize yourself with is the body lift kit. Back in the day, this was one of the least expensive options, especially for people on a budget. For people who wanted their vehicle to be better in all terrains and have better ground clearance, this kit was the ultimate ticket.

Still, this kit is not meant for 4×4 vehicles or blatantly off-road-based cars. By working with spacers and blocks, this kit gives more space, by lifting away from the flame. In older models, the suspension was not jeopardized. Today, this kind of lift needs more brackets and a professional doing the installation, so you can have the right alignment specifications when things are all said and done.

Now, the cost of an installation like this may cost an arm and a leg, but it is the most effective type of kit on the market. Ultimately, it is important to know that you can still create a lift without a kit like this, by using gap guards and other types of modifications. Another way is to raise the bumpers to make things look sleek.


Things to Consider When Buying a Lift Kit for Chevy 2500HD


Lift Kits Chevy Guide


The best lift kit for Chevy 2500HD needs to be understood with the help of a quality buyer’s guide. With the information below, you will be able to understand what you do and do not need in a lift kit. This way, you can get on to making the purchase and installing it as quickly as humanly possible.

  • A Kit For 4-Wheel Drive

Luckily, lifting a Chevy 2500HD is not as hard as it might seem, but one of the first challenges that you may have to work through is 4-wheel driving. So you do not have a headache down the road or unsuspected surprise, make sure your life kit is for 4-wheel drive trucks. With CV boots and joints, they can operate to work from different angles.

For a 2500HD fit, your CV joints will work at a sharper angle. This does mean your tech will wear down quicker, but this is when the company has warranties to help you out. A CV joint failure may happen, but you will be prepared for any issues in the future.

To prevent this wear and tear, install a drop kit. With longer U-bolts and some additional spacers, you will be able to get the joint angle back to factory specifications. Drop kits vary, but they are inexpensive and super easy to install. So, if you want a lift kit, you need a drop kit to boot.

  • Torsion Bar

A torsion bar has suspended pickups for GMC and Chevy for generations. The Chevy Silverado 2500HD is the same way. Since the height of the vehicle is controlled with a torsion bar key, you can fine-tune the height of your vehicle at any time.

However, it is important to know that an original bar key will not substantially lift your truck, but just a few millimeters here and there. But, when you upgrade your kit, you can change this when a new lift. Over time, the torsion bars twist with magnificent force. This is when you need the tool to get the job done.

To this point, you can either purchase an unloading-type tool or rent this piece of machinery from a parts store. If you plan to work on a suspension a lot, then buy one. If not, renting is just fine. On another note, if you are mechanically talented, then go with a C-Clamp. However, this is not the safest tool or recommended, but it can work in a pinch.

  • Shock Aftermarket

As you lift your 2500HD truck, aftermarket shocks are the best thing you can get to save some money as well. By raising your front to 3-inches, you will notice that the suspension will start to get a little tight. What happens with OEM shocks is without spacers, things get stiff real fast.

To help so this does not happen to you, Bilstein 5100s are a good place to start. They will make your ride better than ever. Additionally, you will notice the quality in your truck even more along the way.

  • Control Arms

As you lift your 2500HD, especially over 3-inches, you will need a factory control arm that is not limited in its uses or hitting with a bump stop. To make sure that this does not happen to you, ordering an upper control arm can go a long way.

Sure, this part of the buyer’s guide is pricey. But, then you will have a better idea of what you can spend on a lift kit. Usually, you can buy this stuff altogether to get a better deal as well.

  • Alignment Adjustments

When you lift any truck on the planet higher than 2-inches, getting an alignment is a must. Even your suspension and driveline check should happen. As things get out of whack for factory specification, the tires will start to wear differently, causing things to be uneven and ear fast than ever before. CV joints could even fail with them tearing along the way.

By getting a full alignment from a professional at a shop, you can get your kit installed to fix or protect from unnecessary wear and tear issues. As stated early, with CV joints, you will need a drop kit, so keep that in mind here as well so you can get it installed as well to just get one alignment at the end done, instead of multiple.


The Best Lift Kit for Chevy 2500HD Reviews: 


Below are the top lift kits for a 2500HD. There are plenty of variations and options for you to consider. This way, you can make the most educated choice available to you to have ultimate success.

1. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit for 2011-2020 Silverado Sierra 2500HD

Supreme Suspensions - Full Lift Kit for 2011-2019...


If you are looking for a quality 3-inch lift kit for Chevy 2500HD, this one from Supreme Suspensions is for you. This lift has a lift that ranges from 1 to 3-inches in the front and 1 to 1.5-inches in the back. As a powder-coated black product, this product works for a variety of Chevy models. Make sure you have an eight-lug system, or this product will not work.

With this product, you will receive two max-torsion keys, rear lift blocks, U-Bolts, Mount Extenders an install tool, more hardware, instructions, and a pro pack. When installing make sure that both sides of your hardware distribute the load easily. This will make sure that damage and injury do not happen to your vehicle.

At the end of the day, this piece of technology will grow your ground clearance and the overall look of your Chevy. So, if you want to add new rims and tires, this lift kit is for you. You can expect this lift to be twice double the strength of lift kits on the market.


  • Sensational customer service goes up against any other business
  • Ideal for 4-wheel drive 2500HDs
  • Very easy to put on your truck in less than two hours
  • Stellar value for the money you pay
  • The instructions make things very easy for you
  • The U-Bolts are stronger than they look


  • The torsion keys are not as strong as other generic brands
  • It will not run any better

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2. ReadyLift 66-3011 2.25″ Front Leveling Kit With Forged Torsion Key

ReadyLift 66-3011 2.25' Front Leveling Kit...


By obtaining a 2011-UP truck, you can maintain the factory standards that have a lift to it. With these torsion keys, you will get forged strength that is powder-coated. This means you will have corrosion protection that will last as you own your vehicle.

The OEM factory standards will still live up to par without having any manufacturer defects. With workmanship made to last, the materials for this vehicle are second to none. The installation time will only take one hour on your own. But, you could get a professional to do it even quicker.

At only nine pounds, this kit will not weigh your kit down in the slightest. As one of the best Silverado lift kit options on planet Earth, this product is still being serviced by ReadyLift, which means you will get some great customer service over the years. There is a quality user manual to get you through the installation process with ease.


  • A very safe and fast way to lift your truck
  • Can use wheels wider than nine-inches
  • Comes with two torsion keys that are forged
  • No mod requirements for this lift kit
  • Do not need drop spacers with this product
  • Adds a smoother ride to any truck


  • Does not include shock extensions
  • The steering will need to be tightened up

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3. MotoFab Lifts TKGM3500-WSE 1-3-Inch Leveling Lift Kit

MotoFab Lifts TKGM2500-WSE 1-3 inch Leveling lift...


If you are looking for a 10-inch lift kit for Chevy Silverado 2500, this is not the right kit for you. But, if you need a 1 to 3-inch kit, then you are in the right place. With an adjustable key that raises the front between one to three inches, the front portion of this kit adds shock extenders. Torsion keys are also available to add to the extension process. They are made of forged cast iron, so they will work for you year over year.

As a product made in the United States of America, you will receive a lifetime warranty with this product including shock extensions. Whether you have a GM 2500HD or 3500HD pickup, or a 2001 to 2010 Chevy, this product will work for you. At only 10 pounds, this product barely weighs anything at all. Since the manufacturer is still in business, you will continue to get the best customer service on the planet as well.

With an installation that only takes about an hour, you will have your truck up and running in no time. The powder-coated option will give you the best factory suspensions. This means a satisfaction guarantee is bound to happen with this product.


  • Amazing packaging with the product inside
  • Will give you plenty of room
  • Leveling is ideal with this product
  • No rubbing will happen with this product
  • No need for shock extenders
  • Half the price of other well-known lift kits


  • May need to purchase a torsion bar tool on the side
  • The ride becomes a little stiffer

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4. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit For Chevy Silverado 1500HD, 2500 HD, 3500HD

Supreme Suspensions - 3' Front + 3' Rear Lift Kit...


Most Chevy 2500HD lift kit reviews have this Supreme Suspensions product on their list. With 3-inch lifts in the front and varied back lifts from one to three inches, this is plenty to love about this product. There is compatibility with this brand for 2001-2010 Chevy Silverados and GMC Sierras of the same time as well. However, know that this product will not fit with any model that has rear overloads.

When you purchase this product, you will receive adjustable torsion keys, lift blocks, bendable U-Bolts, mount extenders, additional hardware, a pro pack, and superb instructions. Do note that if you are using overloaded springs, then you will need longer U-Bolts for this project.

With easy U-bolt technology, the installation will take between 3 to 6 hours. Also, know that you need a puller that handles 5-tons to make the installation work appropriately. Make sure you do an alignment after you alter the height, too.

By improving the look of your truck, and giving it more height, you can add better tires and rims than you ever thought possible. The torsion keys are also phenomenal for max performance. They will lift the height of the vehicle to how high you want your truck while maintaining strength in comparison to other generic keys.


  • Ideal for 2 and 4-wheel drive
  • Uses metal fabric tech
  • The product has lifetime dependability
  • Your ride will be smoother with this product
  • Splendid design
  • Can be installed on your own without a professional


  • One of the heavier products at 25.6 pounds
  • Does not work for overloaded models

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5. Rough Country 2″ Leveling Kit Fits 2011-2019 GMC Sierra 2500

Rough Country 2' Leveling Kit for 2011-2019...


The Rough Country Store enters the fold with one of the best lift kits for Chevy 2500HD models. When you install this product, you will get a blend of protection, style, and performance all wrapped into one. No matter if you own a Sierra or Silverado, this lift kit has potential for you. By adding ground clearance, you can use your truck for off-roading and on-roading experiences.

With a durable torsion key, you can level out the front of your truck with the rear side as well. The installation is a breeze as well. This bolt-on install is backed by Rough Country to handle the harshes of torque. Add in a lifetime replacement warranty, and you will have everything you need to have ultimate success with this product.

At a little over 13 pounds, this product will never weigh your vehicle down, and it will look good with its painted exterior. With torsion bar keys and shock sleeves, this product has all the necessities to breed a happy experience in your truck. What is not to love about this product?


  • No drilling is required with this product
  • The installation time is very quick
  • Take on the elements with ease
  • FMVSS 16 Compliant
  • Has Warranty Guard
  • Comes with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back


  • Does not work with a magnetic control
  • Have to tighten the nuts after 500 miles

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6. 1″-3″ Torsion Bars Key With Stock Extender Brackets for GMC 2500HD

1'-3' Torsion Bars Key with Shock Extender...


Dynofit creates diesel truck lift kits for Chevy and GMC models. With 8 lug systems, this product will work well with your truck. Any other kind of system will not work with this product. The key set torques the lift from one to three inches depending on what you.

The installation process will be quick and easy in about one to two hours. With no extra tools needed, you can get the lift you want. The forged steel, this material is resistant to rust and corrosion. A powder-coated surface is cold-forged, as well, to keep up the durability over time.

If you want a good-looking truck, with the best ground balance, this is the lift kit for you. With double the torsion keys and double struts with a proof box, you will love the ins and outs of this product. There is a quality instruction guide as well to get you to install everything perfectly. Expect a two-year warranty with this product, and you can contact customer service whenever you need some assistance.


  • Customer service will get back to you within 24 hours
  • The product only weighs 10.33 pounds
  • The packaging is sleek and official
  • Very easy to put in your 2500HD
  • Will never have loosening or fit issues
  • A quick key turns for raising and lowering


  • Need to disconnect shocks before torquing the keys
  • Raising might not be as much as you want

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7. WULF 3″ Front 2″ rear lift Leveling Kit For 2011-2019 Chevy Silverado 2500HD

WULF 3' Front 2' Rear Leveling Lift Kit with Shock...


The GMC 2500HD lift kit reviews need to have WULF as a top option. First off, the kit works for 2011-2019 Chevy and GMC vehicles with 8-lug systems. Having a two or four-wheel drive does not matter with this lift kit.

With the purchase, you will receive torsion keys, lift blocks, shock extenders, other hardware, and U-Bolts. With a torsion bar suspension, you can adjust the front of your truck from one to three inches. Another great thing about this product is the fact it is a bolt-on kit. This means that you can do it yourself or you can hire a mechanic to work things out.

For the fastest shipping, a lifelong warranty, quality customer service, and a business that is willing to hear you out if you have any questions, this product is an overwhelming tiptop piece of technology. It will only take you five hours to install. Lastly, you can install this product in both the front and the back. It is up to you to decide.


  • Very easy to put in your truck
  • Made with durable materials
  • Solid brand to work with
  • Allows you to add new tires and rims
  • Inexpensive compared to other products
  • Perfect fit with the U-Bolt system


  • May need to get some differential spacers for any front axles
  • The ride will stay about the same

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8. Rough Country 3.5″ Lift Kit Fits 2011-2019 2500HD

Rough Country 3.5' Lift Kit for 2011-2019...


Rough Country is known for its blend of style, performance, and protection that make the perfect trifecta. The ground clearance that you get with this product is unmatched when placed against other varieties. Additionally, you will be getting shock absorbers that are great for off-roading and on-roading.

With the assistance of forged steel and control arms that hold up over time, there are no weak spots with this metal. By living up to the factory-style geometry, the perfect range of motion is what you can expect from this lift kit. The rubber bushing is also something that you will not scoff at. With an OEM Clevite-style, this product is second to none.

The backing of Rough Country is unparalleled as well. With a 3-year warranty on the struts and shocks, you will have everything to be successful for the rest of the time you own your 2500HD. Add in the fact that this product is FMVSS 126 Compliant, and you have a close to 4-inch lift kit for Chevy 2500HD that puts most to shame.


  • No drilling is needed with this product
  • The installation is purely bolt-on
  • Will help with the ball joint to get the optimum angles of lifting
  • Can handle up to 33-inch tires with this product
  • Shocks are from the country China
  • The lift blocks are 2-inches


  • Very heavy at 81.4 pounds
  • Must be positioned in the driveline

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9. Bilstein 5100 Front 2-2.5″ and Rear 0-1″ Lift Shock Kit For 99-10 Chevy Silverado 2500HD

Bilstein 5100 Front 2-2.5', Rear 0-1' Lift Shocks...


If you are looking for a complete shock set, then you need to check out these from Bilstein. With two front and two back shocks, know that this product does work for Silverado 1500HDs, but not Silverado 1500s. By extending the front shocks to 11.3-inches, they can also be collapsed to 15.76-inches. For the rear shocks, they are extended at 26.15-inches and collapse at 16.14-inches.

At only 27 pounds, this product is very lightweight. Additionally, it is not discounted by the manufacturer, which means you can call them up any time for help moving forward. Another cool thing is this product work for Suburban 2500 4-wheel drive vehicles as well.

If you are looking for comfort, then you have come to the right place with this product. Your ride will feel better wherever you travel to, whether you are on or off-roading. The stretch from this product is outstanding as well. The product will not break down easily, which is for certain.


  • These shocks are under-estimated
  • Will take less than 90 minutes to install
  • Will not have jarring effects from road effects
  • No more sagging for the ride level with this product
  • Not very expensive for a shock lift kit
  • Vibrations will be absorbed


  • Driving quality underwhelms some people
  • The instructions are in German only

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10. Leveling Lift Kit KSP Forged Adjustable 1″-3″ Torsion Key For Silverado Sierra 2500HD

KSP Torsion bar key, Forged Torsion Bar Keys Lift...


For the last Chevy Duramax lift, you have to get this leveling lift kit from KSP. This specific product works with Yukons, Sierras, Avalanches, Silverados, and more. By adjusting from one to three inches, this suspension lift uses forged steel that is purely powder-coated. The hexagon holes are also a unique design. Just make sure you have shock extensions if you are looking to use factory front shocks.

As a bolt-on lift kit, this installation will only take a few hours. Luckily for you, there are no modifications needed to make this product work for your truck. Whether you have a truck or SUV, you can level it appropriately to factory settings.

With a satisfaction guarantee, this product has a lifetime warranty. This means you will have an easy time during installation, safety at all times on the road, and an affordable option to save money to buy the other important things in life. You will surely have an aggressive look with your truck when the installation is complete.


  • Can run tires up to 32-inches
  • The forged torsion is 40% than the norm
  • The design of the key is similar to stock options
  • The kit only weighs 7.58 pounds
  • Comes with trustworthy service
  • Made with high-quality materials


  • The stock keys can have a little discrepancy
  • It May come with some wrong pieces in transit

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How to Install a Lift Kit?

To set up a lift kit appropriately, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You are probably to the point that you are not going to use a mechanic and go for a cheaper option. But, you do have to know what you are doing.

Preparation is a good place to start. Gather everything that will be needed, such as your hardware, tools, and the type of suspension you are using, and spend some time getting to know your 2500HD. Next, disconnect the battery terminal just in case. As a safety measure, it is better to be safe than sorry, as you have heard before. Electrical shock is no joke.

The next thing you can do is loosen the lug nuts. To this point, you do not need to take them off altogether. By using a jack to raise the front of the vehicle, you can get your truck to the desired height very soon. When having a jack, knowing a flooring jack is not enough here. You want something that will hold up for sure, especially if you are underneath the vehicle.

With the help of the floor jack, you can start to take away the old suspension. By getting rid of the U-bolts, shocks, tires, and springtimes, you will be on your way to getting your new lift kit on in no time.

But, depending on the age of your vehicle, you may need a hammer to loosen these parts. Things can start to get rust and corrosive, needing a little extra help. Substitute components are another thing you can try here.

Instructions are the next thing you have set your sights on. With most sets using bolt technology, a springtime setup might be in order as well. With the U-Bolts, have them vertically lined up.

By fixing them in the correct place, you can switch out the shocks at this point, too. Constructing these during the mounting process is the best way to go. Just do not go rogue here; be a man and use the directions.

After you have installed everything the correct way, make sure they are bolted extra well. Once again, the directions can be your best friend. When this is complete, take away the jacks and stands, and lower the vehicle downward. YOu can reconnect the battery, add in your tires, and get an alignment. Then, it will be time to drive!


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Lift Kits Chevy FAQs


Below are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to lifting kits for 2500HDs. With these questions answered, feel determined that you have all the right answers to be successful. WE will start with the age-old question of ruining a truck.

Q1: Does a lift kit ruin the truck itself?

Many people believe this to be true if they mess with factory specifications. Though this could be the worst-case scenario, especially if you do not know what you are doing, this is normally not a problem. When you do sell your vehicle, it will probably have a higher resale value down the road.

Q2: What inch lift is worth it?

Any type of lift that visually changes the look of your vehicle is worth it in the end. With any lift, you will have better clearance for on-roading or off-roading. Then, you can add bigger tires or rims as well. This process will make your truck safer at the end of the day. Any vehicle, besides a semi, will be no match for your prized possession.

Q3: How long does a lift last?

In many cases, a lift kit lasts as long as you own the vehicle. Since there are no moving parts, besides spaces and shocks, things tend to do better this way.

Q4: Should I get a warranty for my lift kit?

If your kit comes with a warranty, then by all means. But, the extra add-on warranties are not something you should look into. Most brands already have a warranty on their products, so adding another warranty to your lift kit would just be a waste of money in the end.

Q5: Should I be allegiant to any brand?

Of course, there are great brands in these reviews. These would be the ones we recommend. If you stay with these brands, you can be assured that things will work out well for you.


Final Verdict

You now know what is the best lift kit for Chevy 2500HD. You should feel accomplished and ready to roll. With a plethora of products at your disposal, and time sorting through the buyer’s guide, you have an academic mind when it comes to this focus point.

By adding in a few more attributes, like installs and types of lift kits, you have everything to be successful. Now, it is just time for you to sit back and make a decision. Once you figure things out, decide if you are going to do the install or a professional, and then it will be time to drive soon after. And that experience will make everything work it. Best of luck with your lift kit choice, and stay safe on the road of life!

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