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10 Best Parts Washer Solvent in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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There comes a time when soap and water just are not enough to clean the workpieces that you want to look spick and span for all the world to see. That is why you need the best parts washer solvent around. To take away oil, grime, and grease, this is the best way to roll. This way, you can have an experience that is positive when it comes to your vehicle or other heavy-duty parts.

But, to this point, you may not know where to turn or what to consider in the world of washer solvents. Though there are a lot of choices on the market today, we have you covered. From products to the buyer’s guide, you will know exactly what you need when you have read through everything here.

We can assure you that the decision you make will be based on successful research and products that will fit the bill for you. So, without further ado, let us get into the products, shall we?



Best Parts Washer Solvent: Editor’s Top Picks


Things to Consider When Buying Parts Washer Solvent

Parts Washer Solvent

The next part of the review is all about the buying guide. It is important to pick out your favorite product by knowing what attributes are most important to you. Since the parts washer solvent is one of the most important things you will ever own, you must find a product that cleans tires, rims, grease, and much more. By adding a great smell, you can get a product that rocks.

But, not everything is created as equal. So, read on to get the jest of what you should consider for yourself. Let us start with GPM, shall we?

  • Gallons Per Minute

GPM, or gallons per minute, is something that a lot of people like to look for when buying the right product for them. When it comes to GPM, it tells you how great your performance truly is. As it pertains to effective cleaning, pressure and your washer solvent need to have a good mix. Some people think volume is at play here, as well, but this could not be further from the truth.

Heat can play a part as well, but we will talk about that soon enough. But, before you invest in any type of formula for yourself, you need to know what you pump can handle and if your solution works with it. Horsepower plays a part in the equation as well. The ratio needs to be 45 GPM equal to 5 horsepower. Additionally, 100 GPM must equal one horsepower.

  • Heat Level

Varying heat levels can be effective when it comes to cleaning. The product needs to stay between 170 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. You also will need a capacity reservoir that is quite big to handle the heat.

If your product cannot handle the heat, microbes in the solution will not do their job as effectively as it should. The breakdown of dirt will not happen either. Specifically, when the temperature is cold, nothing will happen to the dirt. That is why it needs to be hot enough to clear dirt and oil at the surface.

  • Cleanliness

You certainly want to have a solution that is easy to clean when the job is complete. As you clean your parts, you surely want your parts washer solvent to clean flawlessly at the end. Know that if just one part of your product breaks down, the whole process will be shot.

You may also need a routine cleaning of your stuff just to make sure everything is up in tiptop shape. Additionally, make sure you check what kind of product you are considering. Many out there could be hazardous to your health and the health of others. Test things like pH, toxic organics, a toxic metal, and much more.

When there is less toxicity in the product, the performance will be much better. Of course, if it reduces the labor you will have to do, that is a win-win. Taking way fire hazards and have a long life for your parts is certainly a big deal.

  • Getting Your Water

When you use a parts washer solvent machine, you truly need a water supply of some sort. You need water that has normal interval times, so you will not have any issues when cleaning. But, make sure to clean your solvent product before letting out any of the waste.

Also, never release your cleaner in a sewer or septic tank. You will need to see what local authorities have to say about what you need to do. They will give you the best advice around to keep you and the people around you safe.

  • Adding Life To Your Stuff

We all want to own things that appreciate instead of depreciating. Well, this can happen for you to help maximize shelf life. This way, you will only have to wash when things are necessary. Products can lose in the long run due to air emissions and too much fire. Instead, have a schedule to wash, so you do not wash too much or not enough.

We talked early about keeping the temp between 170 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit for best results, but the cleaning begins around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. But, always stay far away from aerosol cans. This way, hazardous materials will stay at bay.

  • The Right Pricepoint

Of course, everyone wants to save some money, but get a product that is awesome at the end of the day. So, before you even start deciding on a product, budget for what you can afford. This way, you can stay in your price range, and still get something awesome in the end.

There are plenty of options out there where you do not need to break the bank. So, keep an open mind and go for it. You may still get something awesome for you and for whatever you are wanting to clean.

  • Wanting A Warranty

There are some products out there that have a great warranty. Most fall around 30 to 90 days. But, some last for a whole year. Just know, most warranties mean that you will be paying a little more for the product.


Top 10 Best Parts Washer Solvent Reviews: 

Below are the top-10 products when it comes to washer solvents. These have done the trick for thousands of customers. We believe one of the ten below is going to be the real deal for you.


1. CRC 05067 Parts Washer Solvent

CRC Parts Washer Solvent, 5 Gal, 05067


If you are looking for a quality 5-gallon parts washer solvent, you have found it in this tub from CRC. As one of the best cleaning solvents money can get you, grease, dirt, and oil will be a thing of the past. Not only does this solvent work on metal, but plastic and painted areas can be cleaned with this as well.

At only 35.3 pounds, this product can be shipped around all over town to get every cleaning job done with ease. Think of aluminum for example. By putting on this solvent, there will be no trouble with getting unwanted substances ways from the item you are cleaning. Additionally, you will not have to deal with corrosion either because CRC backs their product so. Even gun parts can be cleaned with this awesome stuff.

So, if you are wanting a water-based product that works best for you and what you need to do, consider this CRC product. You will certainly be glad you did. And if you do not go with this product, you will just live life the same old way, stuck in the dirt, grime, and other chaos.


  • Can easily clean up carburetors
  • The solution is not flammable
  • Quick shipping and well-advertised
  • Amazing value for the money you pay
  • Not a concentrated product
  • Heavy-duty casing to hold the solution


  • Does not clean brakes all that well
  • Does not come with smaller pouring pieces

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2. Simple Green Extreme Aircraft and Precision Cleaner

Simple Green - SMP13406 Extreme Aircraft and...


The next option for you is a 1-gallon tank of wonder. Look at it this way. Simple Green has come with a cleaning solution that aircraft and cleaning companies use. This solution does a great job getting through the toughest of elements and build-up of grease. Oil, pollution, dirt, and even insect stains are no match for this concoction.

Lucikly for you, no harm will be done with this product. Since it has been tested on aircraft carriers, you can bet that this will hold up on a variety of plastics, coatings, paints, and metals to boot. Even aluminum and carbon fiber can be cleaned flawlessly, with no damage to what you are cleaning.

Additionally, with a low-toxicity rate, this product does not have solvents in the first place. This should give you peace of mind as you use this product on expensive things you own. No matter if you purchase this for yourself or as a gift, Simple Green can clean engines and much more. With the help of Simple Green’s risk-free guarantee, you will even get a refund if you are not fully satisfied with the product.


  • Has a high soil volume
  • Exceeds VOC requirements
  • No air pollutants in this product
  • The bottle only weighs 8.8 pounds
  • Is a clean and clear solution
  • Very simple to use


  • Not great for commercial use
  • Not ideal for pontoon cleaning

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3. Prestone AS657 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid

Prestone Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid, 1...


Another small parts washer was created by Prestone. Specifically, this is washer fluid to removed bugs away from your windshield. Even road grime will not stand a chance with this solution. So, say goodbye to droppings from birds and tree sap.

With the help of a power cleaner, you can get down to the deepest residue around. To give a percentage, you will breakaway 99.99% of things you do not want on your products. By using a barrier to stop dirt, grime, and bugs in its tracks, the residue will not stick on whatever you put this product on.

Lastly, this product is an extra water repellent as well. This means there will be no streaks in your cleaning process. When you are done cleaning, you will get a wonderful citrus scent. So, go ahead a get this 8-pound bottle, and all your problems will be solved.


  • Perfect to clean auto parts
  • Does not need to be diluted
  • Will not damage car paint
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Able to remove the solution with ease
  • Can be taken anywhere you travel to


  • Not to be tasted
  • Will not clean off a license plate

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4. B’laster 128-PWS-4PK Industrial Strength Parts Washer Solvent

B'laster 128-PWS-4PK Industrial Strength Parts...


This one-gallon parts cleaner solvent is one of the best in the business. By cutting through oil and grease, there will be no trouble at all with this product working for you. When you are done with the product, you will not have any added residue either.

Since the flashpoint solution reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit, you can bet that your problems will be all, but solved. With this product, you will be able to clean metals, painted areas, and plastics. At only 28.8 pounds, this product barely weighs anything at all.

It is a product like this that will make all your dreams come true. If you are wanting the job done quickly, but also done right, then this is the product for you. Without it, you will continue to have the problems you are searching for an answer to.


  • Not a strong smell
  • One of the best grease cutters around
  • Amazing value for the price you pay
  • Will not hurt O-rings
  • Handles metal with ease
  • Quick shipping coming your way.


  • Cannot use this product in washers designed for water-based solutions
  • Hard to find this product locally

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5. Big Red T10035 Torin Portable Steel Cabinet Parts Washer With Electric Pump

BIG RED T10035 Torin Portable Steel Cabinet Parts...


If you are looking for a fun cleaning mechanism, then you have found it with this best solvent for parts washer. First of all, the cleaning is entirely done in the red tub. That means limited messes for you and a lot more fun when you work. This tight creation is made of steel and is great for cleaning bearings, carburetors, gears, and much more.

As a lightweight model, you can move this around wherever you need cleaning done. With this product being able to hold 3.5 gallons at a time, there is a lot you can clean all at once. Since the product has a 110-volt pump, the liquid is certainly recycled at a 1/2 gallon every minute.

The steel construction is not something you should scoff at either. It is durable and extremely lightweight as well. This means this product can certainly handle any of your cleaning necessities. All of this is something you can be proud of buying for your life.


  • No accidental fires will happen with this product
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Only weighs 16.66 pounds
  • The user manual is very well-worded
  • The steel construction is UL approved
  • Great after-sales customer service


  • Should not be used in conjunction with combustible or flammable solvents
  • Some of the solvents can splash outside of the product itself

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6. WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser Non-Aerosol

WD-40 - 30037 Specialist  Industrial-Strength...


You may have heard of WD-40 before, but you may not have known that it is a sensational grease remover as well. As the ultimate grime champion, you can use this biodegradable formula, which even has a refill port when you are all out of the stellar concoction. Without the need for a funnel, you still will not have to deal with any messes at all.

No matter the surface you use this product on, you will see some of the best results around. Specifically, this formula will not cause glass etching or metal corrosion. Without any flash rust happening to you, you will live a long and happy life cleaning what you need to be done.

As a non-corrosive, limited odor, non-flammable product, this product can be used at your home or commercial at food-processing businesses. Since this product meets EPA standards, you can rest assured that this product will not cause any harm to the environment either. How great it is to have a registered NST product that is excellent for cleaning tool parts, machinery, and much more.


  • Comes in a 5-gallon tub
  • Only weighs 1.5 pounds
  • Comes with an easy pour spout
  • The product goes a long way
  • Amazing customer service
  • Extra quick shipping


  • You will have to use a drill to get it open
  • More expensive than most other options

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7. Oil Eater Original 1-Gallon Cleaner/Degreaser

Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner, Degreaser -...


As a safe dissolving grease killer, this product is one of the best parts washer solvents money can buy you in this day and age. Additionally, this product dissolves oils in a matter of moments as well. With no acids in the product, as well as no petroleum or abrasive solvents, this water-based formula is also bio-degradable. It is so safe that it can be used in septic machinery.

Since the product is USDA approved, there are no toxic issues that you can expect from this product. Since this product is not corrosive either, there is so much to like about this solution. If you do have any questions or problems at all with this product, make sure to call the professional advice line for a ton of help.

This concentrated product has a handy dilution chart to help make your life a whole lot easier. In turn, you will have a product with amazing value and performance, which is what you ultimately deserve. For the house, you can use this product on grills, decks, asphalt, tires, siding, and so much more. There are even a ton of industrial uses as well.


  • You just have to add water for the best results
  • Can make this a heavy-duty or medium-based cleaner
  • Comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual
  • Approved by the USDA
  • Can be used in a car’s engine
  • Easy to mop up and use


  • Can cause eye irritation
  • The solution will dry up in the sun after 15 minutes of time

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8. Griot’s Garage 11158 Engine Cleaner Gallon

Griot's Garage 11158 Engine Cleaner Gallon 128 Fl...


Griot’s solution might be the most classy product you ever set your eyes on. As a fully spray-on engine cleanser, the solution can be removed with the help of a brush. Whether you are dealing with grime, dirt, grease, or oil, Griot’s has you covered fully.

What the solution does is simple. It loosens and breaks-down unwanted substances on your vehicle’s engine. When you are done cleaning, just wipe it clean and you should be good to go. Not only does this solution clean your engine, but it readies it for more fun in the future, wherever you take your vehicle out driving.

At only 8.7 pounds, this product barely weighs anything at all. With its smooth exterior casing, you can take it on the road or leave it at your house. Just as long as you have the product in the place where it will be the most effective for you and your vehicle.


  • Cleans ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and much more
  • Will help make your engine sparkle
  • Can be the formula used in a parts washer
  • You do not have to add water
  • Very easy-to-use on your car
  • The scent is quite attractive


  • Does not come with a spray trigger
  • Some of the solutions can leak out of the bottle

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9. Nanoskin General Purpose Cleaning Solvent

Nanoskin CARPET SHAMPOO Foaming Carpet Cleaner...


If you are looking for the best general-purpose cleaner around, Nanoskin should be on your radar. As great adhesive and painting equipment, you will certainly love this cleaner. It is even a great surface cleaner.

This great general-use product can also be used as a primer thinner and reducer. At only 7.48 pounds, this product will not weigh you down wherever you go. Even if you come up again water-based coatings, this product will surely work for you.

Just imagine what it will be like after you use this product to get all your cleaning needs done. Sounds like a win-win to us. How does it sound for you and the things you need the product for?


  • Can clean silver coins
  • It certainly breaks up cosmoline grease
  • Will not eat at the metal
  • Will be delivered very rapidly
  • Amazing quality for what you pay for
  • Will not break your bank account


  • This product harms plastics
  • This is not a lacquer thinner

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10. Rislone 100QP Engine Treatment Conditioner and Cleaner

Rislone Nano Prime Synthetic Engine & Oil Additive...


The last best parts washer solvent comes to us from Rislone. They are a trusted brand that you can buy 1 or in a pack of 6. This treatment system is one of a kind for a few reasons. First, this product rocks freeing uplifters and other valves. By limiting friction and wear and tear, you will still keep up the oil viscosity you have always dreamed of.

Secondly, your engine is going to love you for using this product. Not only will your engine be cleaner, but it will be conditioned as well. The harmful deposits will dissolve and be gone in no time at all. We are talking seconds flat.

At only 1 pound, this solution is super lightweight. Additionally, this product has not been discontinued by the company. So, this means if you are ever having issues of any kind, you can bet they will be here to help you get the best results out of your product.


  • Comes with a readable user guide
  • The product will help with maintenance, performance, and longevity
  • You will not have to flush your oil after using this product
  • Will start working within minutes
  • Engine noise will get quieter
  • Your oil pressure will be a lot better after using this product


  • Only for pushrod engines
  • The performance will not be noticed right away

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


When it comes to a review/buyer’s guide, a lot of questions can start to crop up. Well, no need to worry. We got you covered, and all your questions will surely be answered.


Q1: Where would I find the best washer solvent?

As an important tool to remove all junk, you need to know there are three different types of washer solvent. There is manual equipment, automated spray equipment, and automated immersion equipment.

The manual option is the most simple of the choices, and it comes with a brush, immersion cleanser, and spray. With the help of chemicals, you can make it work wonders for you. On the other hand, the spray equipment is a cabinet rotates work in the basket. By adding a solution, you can use mechanical and chemical action to aid you here.

The last option is immersion equipment. This is an open tank that has a lid that lifts. It is super quick and uses chemical and mechanical actions as well.


Q2: What advantages can expect from a solvent instead of basic water?

Washing with water is been done for generations, but they did not have a solvent to help them years ago. Water is limited when it comes to cleaning. That is why you need chemicals to remove all the dirt and grime away. The formula of solvents was meant for this process.

Since formulas are not toxic, and eco-friendly, you can bet that grime and dirt will go away without hurting those around you in the process. Also, your items will not get damaged either when things happen. As an affordable option, it is a no-brainer to get a solvent that works for you.


Q3: What is the best way to clean my parts washer solvent?

When you are done with the initial cleaning, you need your washer to keep working for you down the road. With this in mind, remove and add solvents when necessary. Also, shut the lid when you are done.

This way, you will keep things out of it. Submerge the product in water, but do not let water get out of the container. When you stay on top of this, you will have success wherever you roam.


Q4: What happens if I am having trouble with my product?

There are a few things you can do before you go to calling customer service. First, see if the water is connected. Next, when was the last time you cleaned the product out? There may be stuff that got caught, leaving you to unclog the mess. After you have checked those things, maybe a new pair of eyes could help as well.


Final Verdict

The best part washer solvents need the greatest solution to work with. Without it, you will not get things as clean as tidy as you want them. Make sure to use this article as a tool to get the job done right. This way, you will enjoy your process of making the right purchase.

You know there is nothing worse than rushing through the process when you could have an experience that could last a lifetime. We want your stuff to last longer and one of these solutions can certainly be the solution. So, best of luck out there, and have fun with what you have going on next.

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