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The Best Power Window Conversion Kit in 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Are you looking to upgrade your ride? There is no way better than to use the best power window conversion kit to your advantage. Over time, electronic windows can get faulty, but you can have a say in how to replace and move your vehicle’s windows in the right direction.

Still, it might be challenging to know what to buy and what brand to buy from. You will want to know will this conversion kit work on my vehicle and will it be easy to install.

Fortunately for you, there is plenty in this review to help you make the right decision with a conversion kit. From accessories to warranties to brands, there is a ton you need to know. But, do not sweat a thing. Take a deep breath, read on, and start making the right decision today.

With product reviews right below here, you can take in the best choices for you and your lifestyle today. This way, you can be educated on all manners, especially conversion window kits.



Best Power Window Conversion Kit: Editor’s Top Picks


Things to Consider When Buying a Power Window Conversion Kit


Guide Power Window Conversion Kit


Since you have gotten through the best products money can buy, it is time to look further into the buying guide. Knowing what are the differences between what you need, want, and do not matter needs to be thought about when maneuvering the buying guide. Whether you are looking for an easy install or cool features, check out the guide below to give you a full report.

  • Installation

Some of you reading this article already know that you will be installing the conversion kit on your own. Great; read on. If not, skip to the next portion. You may even run into a situation where the window has a disclaimer that says that the window can only be installed by a professional.

Everyone wants an installation to go quickly. Unfortunately, products like this one usually take longer than what we originally estimate. When matching specifications, companies want to make sure you are safe during and installation and as accurate as humanly possible.

After you have installed the product, you need to make sure that you get a noise-free installation and looks good to boot. If you do have to do some split wiring, be very careful as well. You can burn and/or damage your vehicle and yourself if you are not careful.

  • What Kind Of Power

When deciding on your window conversion kit, you have to decide if you want a product that works, even when the power goes out. Some people want to know that if the power goes out that they need to do some fixing. Others want the back-up to work before they realize there is a problem in the first place.

People who want backup power are the same ones who worry about disaster scenarios where they cannot get out of their window. Some window kits can not be maneuvered when the power is out. Others can be moved manually.

However, then there is a conversation about safety. If you purchase a window where it can be moved manually, then you run of the risk of having someone break into your vehicle manually. The choice is yours at the end of the day.

  • Keeping Things Quiet

When you upgrade to better power windows, you certainly want to have something that will be quieter than it was before. Over time, a noisy window can be an annoyance that becomes less and less tolerable. There are times when the windows just need to be moved up and down for the noise to go away. However, other options need grease on the steel cables to help in the process.

Do whatever you can to make this a pleasant experience for yourself. There is nothing worse than a newly installed product causing your problems from the very beginning. Do yourself a favor and get it right the first time.

  • Additional Specs

Some other things that you might want to be aware of involving a variety of voltages. Different conversion kits have voltages that could be frustrating if you are not on the same page with what you need. Think further ahead if you are dealing with switches that light up. They will need more power and probably a different voltage to make it work perfectly. Having a flickering light and window situation will certainly put a sour taste in your mouth.

  • The Cost

Everyone cares about the cost, and if they say they are not, then they are probably lying. Window conversion kits come in a variety of shapes and sizes when it comes to pricing. You can certainly go with the cheapest of kits, but they might not always live up to your expectations.

On the other hand, if you go with the most expensive of kits, you might not want everything that comes with the product itself. For example, there are kits out there that have a lot of extras. Some kits involve illuminating keys. So, when you roll the window up and down, the switch and/or the window itself have some lighting principles.

For some, this is exactly up to their alley. For others, this is a waste of money. You have to decide if extras like this are what you want or not. This way, you can make an educated decision about what you want.

You surely do not want to be the person who just buys something in the heat of batter. Think about your purchase with precision and deliberate thinking. This way, you will not have a wasted money moment.

  • Warranty Wants

There are many windows out there that come with a warranty. Usually, there is a warranty out there for products, but it is tacked onto the price. Most warranties fall around one-year, but you can find some that last a little longer or a little shorter than that number.

Also, make sure to read what the company views a warranty to be. You may think a warranty covers everything, but some policies are more simplistic. For example, one company might give you a complete product exchange, while others may just give you a refund.

Either way, when you read the fine print and go the extra mile, you will surely make the right decision for you and your vehicle. This is what it is all about anyway, right? Having an experience that is stress-free and upgrading your vehicle in the process. Who knows? You might get a little more for your vehicle when you have put in a little elbow grease along the way.


Top 10 Best Power Window Conversion Kit reviews:


Below are the top-10 power window kits that you need to be aware of. You certainly do not need to look elsewhere. Everything you need to know is in the next 2,000 words of information.

1. JDMSPEED New Universal Electric Power Window Lift Regulator Conversion Kit

JDMSPEED New Universal Electric Power Window Lift...


If you are looking for a power window motor upgrade, this JDMSPEED might be the option for you. Not only will you receive a long-lasting product made with the best material around. It is high-quality materials that will set this brand apart from others.

With the help of a universal switch for power, you will have a convenient way to set yourself up for success. The hardware is not anything to scoff at either. You will have a product that is super easy to install and operate. Even when using this conversion kit, it will be super quiet. You might not even know that it is in use.

The last thing you need to know about this product is the fact that it is still being manufactured by JDMSPEED. This means that if anything goes wrong with the product, you will be able to get the customer service you deserve. It is a company like JDMSPEED that puts its money where its mouth is. Few companies of any brand and any product are as good as JDMSPEED lives up to. You might need to check out any other products at this point.


  • The conversion kit only weighs 6.39 pounds
  • The exterior is stylishly painted
  • Uses a voltage of 12-volts
  • The motor is made from Japan
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Perfect for a 2-door type of vehicle


  • The motor is not always strong enough to select vehicles
  • This motor can have trouble going up

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2. AutoLoc Power Accessories 9848 2-Door Flat Power Window Kit

AutoLoc Power Accessories 9848 2 Door Flat Power...


Autoloc is another brand that makes a power window for car options. With a guide track that is completely reinforced, you can expect mounting holes that are around 0.25 inches. The window base is adjustable as well.

The motor for this conversion kit is stellar, too. This Bosch motor is worm-gear driven and as heavy-duty as motors come. You can expect a quieter, smoother, and stronger motor than most others on the market today. Custom made mounting brackets are unbelievable with this purchase, as well. That means no matter the make and model of your vehicle, this conversion kit will probably work for you.

Lastly, the design of this conversion kit is second to none. The flat-glass technology morphs from your old glass to a revolutionary design that will make things easier for you than you ever thought possible. With adjustable bases that are quiet and dependable, what is not to love about AutoLoc?


  • The conversion kit is only 12.4 pounds
  • Comes with fifteen switches to choose from
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • One of the highest torque motors around
  • The mounting brackets are all-custom
  • There are ten cases to choose from


  • The window may roll up pretty slowly
  • Does not include installation instructions

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3. Dorman 741-534 Front Driver Side Power Window Motor and Regulator Assembly

Dorman 741-534 Front Driver Side Power Window...


Are you looking for a trustworthy option that is engineered to fit your make and model? Are you wanting a performance that is unmatched by the competition? Is quality something you ultimately care about? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then you are in luck because this kit from the Dorman Store is for you.

One of the great things about this product is that it has been tested over a thousand times to make sure the technology works appropriately. On top of that, the motor is meant to be trouble-free, which means you have service for life to help you get on the right track if there are any issues.

Installation is one of the easiest things you will experience with this equipment. With the help of reverse-engineered tech, everything will fit seamlessly and perfectly. The design is also spectacular. Made in North America, the aftermarket expertise from this product is backed by decades and decades of quality service.

Ensuring your fit is something that Dorman cares deeply about. It is improvements like this that are engineered with you in mind. Think of this model as a plug and play option that will work well for you and whatever vehicle you own.


  • The items weight is 6.4 pounds
  • The exterior can be painted if need be
  • Comes with an exquisite installation manual
  • Not made of poorly manufactured plastic parts
  • The stretch of this product will never break
  • The motor is very nice to look at


  • The window kit is not for the passenger side
  • The bits can get stripped if you are not careful

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4. A-Premium Front Passenger Power Window Regulator W/ Motor Replacement

A-Premium Front Passenger Power Window Regulator...


The A-Premium Store is a must to be on this list. This window replacement is ideal for Chevy Silverados, Tahoes, as well as GMC Yukon. Luckily, it fits a ton of other makes and models to boot.

As a spectacular, OE replacement, this motor assembly has a very simple fit. Now, there are many kits out there that are only for the front or passenger windows. But, this kit covers the best of both worlds. Also, know that you are a 1-year guarantee with this product. If you run into any defects with this window kit, the company will either replace or fix the problem part. It is a commitment like this one that should make you proud of a product like this.


  • The product weighs just under six pounds
  • The mirror adjustments are power-based
  • The product is load test before it is shipped out to the public
  • The product is tested over 10,000 times
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Materials used at metal and plastic


  • The attachment type is an only bolt-on
  • The rubber needs to be either side of the windows

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5. Universal Electric Power Window Kit

Universal Electric Power Window Kit


The best power window conversion kit might be from the Speedway Motors Store. Whether you are looking to switch out your automatic windows, or the old crank-style, this conversion kit could very well work for you. With glass heights ranging from six to twenty-four inches, this gives you a lot of flexibility during this installation.

In every kit from the Speedway Motors Store, you will receive the windows with motors, as well as all the tracks you will ever need. Switches, wiring, bezels, and the 12-volt applications are all things you need. As one of the most versatile kits on the market, you will love the flexible cable. There is even a custom rod to fit with a muscle car.


  • The product weighs just under 20 pounds
  • Fits vehicles such as the VW Cabrio, Chevy Vans, and Ford Pickups, to name a few
  • Very simple install with this worthwhile product
  • Can work on vehicles as old as the 1950s
  • Fits even if your vehicle is not plugged and play
  • Amazing value for the money you pay


  • Has to be used on only flat glass
  • Does not come with a warranty

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6. Dorman 741-813 Front Driver Side Power Window Motor and Regulator Assembly

Dorman 741-813 Front Driver Side Power Window...


The next power window conversion kit is from a familiar face: Dorman. Even though this brand is meant for Mercury and Ford models, you can bet that it can work for others, as well, depending on the specifications. As a super replacement, this product is tested and matched to fit whatever you need. The regulator is a splendid one at that to power your vehicle.

It is quality that is tested and assured for any customer that wants windows that will go up and down without any problems at all. If you do run into any problems, know that Dorman has your back. When you are installing your window kit, the dimensions and shape will fit the way you want it to. This design fits any vehicle with success. It is improvements from this product that will take your windows to a whole new level.

Lastly, you will not have to splice any wires when using this product. That means the product will simply ease into a solid transition for power windows. How great will that be?


  • The windows only weigh five pounds
  • The product can be painted if there is a need
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the United States of America
  • Comes with an amazing application guide
  • Tested to match a variety of makes and models
  • The materials are not brittle in the slightest


  • The motor is not super powerful
  • The installation will take about one hour, even in the simplicity

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7. Universal Electric Power Window Regulator Spal Type Conversion Kit for 2-Door Pickup


This universal electric power window is a steal from Auto And Dart. As balls power windows, you can bet you are getting a product that is an upgrade from your typical manual or automatic window. This kit is also a true conversion kit. You will not have to buy more things on the side to finish up the work here.

In this kit, you will receive a kit full of wiring, hardware, switches, instructions, and so much more. However, do know that is only for 2-door models. 4-door varieties will not work with this conversion kit. But, if you are rocking with a 2-door option, most pickups, SUVs, vans, and cars work with these windows.

The last thing you need to know about this kit is the fact it comes with a one-year warranty. That means if you have any issues upfront, then you can bet there will be no issues on your end because the company will make sure to make it worth your while. It is a product’s customer service that you truly deserve.


  • The product only weighs 5.8 pounds
  • The motor is powered by Japanese tech
  • The materials of the main gear are purely metal
  • You will get less friction by 20% with this motor compared to others
  • The operation of this motor is very quiet
  • The windows can be rolled up in the case there is a loss of power


  • The instructions are not super detailed
  • These gears are made from plastic


8. Dorman 741-644 Front Driver Side Power Window Motor and Regulator Assembly

Dorman 741-644 Front Driver Side Power Window...


Dorman hits the list again due to the fact is a great power window for the car option. No matter if you own a GMC, Chevrolet, or Cadillac, this power window will work for front side windows. In this day and age, it is hard to know who to trust. Well, this replacement will surely not let you down.

The engineering for this model works to fit what you need. Its performance will astound you and function like no other car window you have ever had before and will ever have after. With the performance that you will love, this window will meet all your expectations.

The testing for this window is second to none. Dorman wants to make sure that the window will work for you, so they tested the product thousands of times to ensure you will have a service life that will work for you as long as you own your vehicle. The installation is something else that will be easy to do with this product. With a seamless fit, you will get to use your windows immediately.

Since the product is manufactured in the United States of America, which means it has a long history of making accessories that work. By inputting your make and model, you will get a fitting piece that will work wonders on your vehicle. The performance of your windows will be better and so will its durability. As a plug and play model, there is no needing for wire splicing either.


  • The power windows only weigh two pounds
  • Can be painted if desired
  • Comes with quality directions
  • Made with cables that are stainless steel
  • The sheerness is quite amazing
  • The stretch is unparalleled


  • The rails need grease to work properly
  • The motor is not the most powerful option on the market

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9. Absolute HW600 Power Window Conversion Kit

Absolute HW600 Power Window Conversion Kit


The Absolute company is on the map because of its power window kits for hot rods. Specifically for 2-door models, this kit is as complete as they come. At only 6.5 pounds, this product is quite lightweight as well.

These windows are super tight for another reason. The switches light up when you roll up or down the windows. This makes your windows some of the sickest around. So, if you have a sedan or SUV, these windows are certainly for you.

Lastly, know that this conversion kit is perfect if you currently have a manual set-up or you have an automatic system. With the best converters out there, this kit is ready to roll. Then, you can take your vehicle out and see the windows and lights work for your advantage.


  • Comes with wireless display features
  • Strong enough to be fed through your door
  • The motor is strong for easy openings
  • The windows ship out super fast
  • Amazing value for the money you put down
  • Comes with great customer service


  • Only comes in the color black
  • Not for trucks and vans

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10. Rear Right Passenger Side Power Window Regulator With Motor For Chevrolet Impala

Rear Right Passenger Side Power Window Regulator...


If you have a Chevy Impala, this last brand option will be perfect for you. Even if you do not own an Impala, this conversion kit can work for you as well. As one of the best power window conversion kit, this affordable product can be yours in as little as a few days.

The regulator for this product is a direct fit for Impalas from 2006-2016. This particular model is perfect for the rear side of the vehicle, but there are other options from the brand YHTAUTO, if you are looking for more choices out on the open market. With a one-year warranty, it is hard to beat a product that has extra longevity.


  • Weighs less than three pounds
  • YHTAUTO does strick control and testing for a piece of mind with their products
  • Made of plastics and metals
  • A steel cable moves the window up and down
  • Gives your great quality instructions
  • Very easy to put together


  • The product can melt in hot summers
  • Does not come with all the hardware you may need

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions


Of course, when it comes to conversion kits, there can be a lot of questions that people have. But, do not fret one bit. There is hope for you yet. Below are the top questions that most people are asking when it comes to conversion kits. This way, you will have high hopes when making positive decisions that will impact you for generations.


Q1: Does the power matter when it comes to a conversion kit?

Luckily for you, the answer is no. If you match it with your make and model, this should not be an issue. The only time this could be a problem is if you are trying to add a window to your vehicle and the specifications are not exact. You probably should not do that if you are not a master electrician and know what you are doing. This could be very dangerous. So, stick to what you know, trust, and specifications and move forward.


Q2: Should I install the conversion kit on my own?

Most installs can be done on your own. However, there are some kits out there that may surprise you into some trouble. In this case, you may need some more professional help. Just know this will cost you a little more, so weigh your options appropriately. It is a consultation like this that could make your experience a positive one overall.


Q3: Is it alright if I buy a conversion kit from a local shop?

You never should. You need to buy from a source that is verified. This way, you will be safe. Never buy a conversion kit that has been unpacked and used before.


Q4: What should I do with the old crank hole after I have completed my installation?

There are some options out there that have a plan for this, but other products that do not. Make sure that you check this out before you buy the product. They often have to cover to limit the signs that you have an old system that was replaced.


Final Verdict

Now that you have come to the end of the best power window conversion kit, you got to decide for yourself which one you want. Of course, you can do the installation on your own, or hire someone out. Whatever you decide, make sure it aligns with the buying guide. When you have a product that works for you, you will have success wherever you go.

That is what it’s all about anyway, right? You should have an experience that is like none other, even when it comes to windows. Ultimately, the atmosphere as your drive matters, and so do the people you share it with. So, stay safe out there, and take in the road like never before with your spectacular updated windows.

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