Jeep JK Supercharger Reviews

Jeep JK Supercharger Reviews in 2022 – Picked by Jeep Experts

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If you’re reading this guide, then there’s a high possibility you’ve perused through multiple Jeep JK supercharger reviews to see whether you’ll find anything useful. In this review, we’re going to promise you value as we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about Jeep JK superchargers.

If you own a Jeep JK, speed and acceleration are the least factors you can ever think of. That’s because Jeeps are not known for speed but rather the amount of engine power they pocket. So, why is a supercharger important in your dear Jeep? Now, the work of the supercharger is to supply large volumes of air into the engine through the intake manifold.

As the ratio of oxygen increases in the combustion chamber, the engine is forced to burn more fuel leading to improved engine performance. This boosts the engine’s performance in low RPMs and also improves horsepower and allows better fuel economy.



Jeep JK Supercharger Reviews: Editor’s Top Picks


Top 7 Best Jeep JK Supercharger Reviews:


But, getting the perfect supercharger upgrade that’s compatible with your specific Jeep model isn’t just a walk in the park. You need to do your due diligence to ensure that what you get is the absolute best. For that reason, this guide has discussed at least seven Jeep JK superchargers that you can count on.


1. Sprintex 263A1001 Black Standard Supercharger system


Sprintex 263A1001 Black Standard Supercharger...

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: 2012-2014 Jeep JK
  • Approval: C.A.R.B. Approved
  • Installation Time: Around 8 hours

The Sprintex 263A1001 Supercharger System has actually come as a surprise to many. In fact, this supercharger has proven to be a worthy competitor for the long reining Edelbrock supercharger systems. Just as we mentioned earlier, Jeep JK superchargers are not meant to improve the speed but rather to boost engine performance in low RPMs.

To do this, the Sprintex 263A1001 Supercharger is equipped with different components that work hand in hand with the engine. One of those is the water to air intercooler that utilizes special Laminova tubes to function. There’s also an internal oil supply system, a DiabloSport I1000-DCX gas programmer, and a powerful blower that squeezes air into the engine to boost combustion.

What makes the Sprintex 263A1001 Supercharger System the best is how it improves your Jeep’s performance. With this supercharger installed, your Jeep will enjoy up to 54% additional horsepower and a 28% increase in torque. Besides, all these parts are engineered to meet your Jeep’s OEM specifications meaning you won’t have to cut or weld your Jeep’s chassis just to fit them.

Highlighted Features

  • This supercharger kit is CARB approved meaning it’s a safe and authentic kit
  • The kit is engineered to your Jeep’s OEM specs making installation easier
  • Offers 54% additional horsepower from 195 WHP to a whopping 302 WHP
  • Engine’s torque is also improved significantly from 239 lb/ft to 307 lb/ft
  • Installation time only requires 8 hours

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2. Edelbrock 1577 Supercharger


Edelbrock 1577 Supercharger

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: Trucks and SUVs
  • Maximum Pressure Boost: 6 psi
  • Maximum Torque: Up to 381 lb/ft
  • Maximum Horsepower: Up to 348 RW

Claiming the second position is the Edelbrock 1577 Supercharger. Manufactured in the USA, this supercharger system is a perfect fit for both SUV and utilitarian trucks that tow heavy loads both on-road and off-road. Just like the Sprintex 263A1001, the Edelbrock 1577 is designed to improve your engine’s performance to impressive levels.

So, if you’re looking for the best supercharger for Jeep JK, then the Edelbrock 1577 is an authentic kit that will never disappoint you. In fact, some Jeep owners have confessed that the Edelbrock 1577 is a monster that is packed in a teeny tiny package. Now, when you open the package, you’ll be welcomed with all the necessary mounting hardware.

The best thing about these pieces is that they’re designed to fit perfectly in your Jeep’s hood meaning you won’t have to trim anything when bolting them. The brackets, the fuel rails, the hoses, and the PCM programming module are all designed to meet your Jeep’s OEM specifications. The only issue with this supercharger, however, is the high CO2 emissions that make it a major concern when used in specific states such as California.

Highlighted Features

  • The package comes with all the necessary hardware required for installation
  • Has an integrated bypass valve that improves fuel efficiency and economy
  • The dual-pass intercooler regulates the temperature of the air being squeezed into the engine
  • The components have a beautiful black powder coating
  • Installation is easy as all the components meet your Jeep’s OEM specs

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3. Sprintex 260A1011 Black Standard Supercharger System


Product Specifications

  • 41% more horsepower
  • 58% more torque
  • Meets OEM specifications
  • 6-8 hours of installation time

The Sprintex 260A1011 Supercharger System is another worthy investment if you’re looking to boost your Jeep’s engine performance for better drivability and dependability. Just like our previous Sprintex 263A1001 supercharger, the Sprintex 260A1011 is designed to increase power and improve torque in low RPM.

The kit is a fully integrated supercharger system that comes will all the necessary components. This means that you won’t have to spend extra bucks just to buy additional pieces. The entire kit is tested and engineered to meet your Jeep’s OEM specifications eliminating the need for further modification.

About the performance, the Sprintex 260A1011 Supercharger System is designed to boost the engine with an additional 41% worth of horsepower and 58% more torque. This gives your engine an extra boost that eliminates lag when off-roading or when driving in rough terrains. This supercharger kit comes with an efficient water-to-air intercooler system, an ultra-efficient twin-screw compressor, and a three-cycle process intake that works with the engine to enhance efficiency.

Highlighted Features

  • Gives the engine an extra boost to drive on rocks and rough terrains
  • The kit is compatible with your Jeep’s OEM specifications
  • Installation is fast and easy as you won’t have to do any modifications
  • Offers great fuel efficiency when driving
  • Helps to improve engine longevity


4. Edelbrock 1527 Supercharger


Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: 6L V6 engine
  • Package Weight: 91 Pounds
  • Country of Origin: USA

Most of the supercharger kits we’ve discussed in this guide are pretty much the same in terms of the features and the performance. The main difference, however, comes in compatibility where every kit is compatible with various Jeep, trucks, and SUV models. The Edelbrock 1527 Supercharger, for instance, is compatible with most 6L V6 engines that require some engine boost to improve performance and drivability.

This kit is specifically built for Pentastar-equipped Jeep JKs as it uses the patented Eaton 1320 TVS rotor to maximize engine efficiency when driving on rocky mountains or when towing heavy loads. Although it can’t get to the level of the V8 E-Force, this V6 E-Force is a worthy contender when it comes to supplementing your Jeep’s engine with some extra torque and horsepower.

But, other than upgrading your Jeep’s performance, the Edelbrock 1527 Supercharger features great looks that boosts your Jeep’s aesthetic appeal. Although the kit lies under the hood, it still manages to leave your Jeep with a strong impression. This kit meets your Jeep’s OEM specifications making it one of the best Jeep Gladiator supercharger that’s available in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • It’s made in the USA thus making it an authentic bargain
  • The simple installation process takes around 8 hours to accomplish
  • Designed to meet your Jeep’s OEM specifications
  • The kit has a beautiful machined-out black powder coating
  • Supplements your engine with an extra boost to ride on rocky mountains

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5. Kraftwerks 150-05-1401 Supercharger System with Tuning


Product Specifications

  • Pressure Boost: 10 psi
  • Maximum Horsepower: 200 HP
  • Maximum Torque: 160 lbs/ft

If you’re looking for a high-performance supercharger system that will fit your 2006-2011 Honda Civic R18, then the Kraftwerks 150-05-1401 Supercharger System is exactly what you need. Unlike most superchargers, this kit comes with all the necessary mounting hardware meaning you won’t have to purchase any additional components during the installation process.

What you’ll love most the moment you install this kit is how it delivers tremendous power to boost engine performance. In fact, most people are pleased with how this supercharger manages to provide instant throttle and a progressive power curve without producing spikes and surges associated with turbochargers.

With such an impressive linear power curve, the Kraftwerks 150-05-1401 Supercharger System can function with minimal cylinder pressure and lower strain on engine components leading to improved drivability and engine performance. This kit comes with its own dual-action oil pump to supply fluid to the supercharger and a cooler system that keeps temperatures down when working. With a maximum horsepower of 200hp, maximum torque of 160 lbs/ft, and a pressure boost of 10 psi, the Kraftwerks 150-05-1401 is a must-have if you want to maintain your Jeep’s daily drivability.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with your Jeep’s OEM specifications
  • The CNC-machined brackets and fasteners used are long-lasting
  • The high-pressure boost of 10 psi ensures sufficient air is supplied to the engine
  • Capable of providing up to 200HP and 160 lbs/ft
  • This supercharger system doesn’t strain your engine components when working


6. Edelbrock 1528 E-Force Supercharger Kit


Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: Jeep Wrangler 15-17 3.6L
  • Pressure Boost: 8 psi
  • Horsepower: 317RW (Manual) & 285RW (Auto)

Appearing quite late in our discussion is the Edelbrock 1528 E-Force Supercharger Kit. Exclusively designed for Jeep Wrangler 15-17 3.6L models, this supercharger kit does a perfect job of boosting your Jeep’s engine to help you cruise those tough terrains with enthusiasm. Now, the Edelbrock 1528 is a close cousin to the Edelbrock 1527. The only difference, however, is that the 1528 has newer generation parts that make it more functional than its cousin, the 1527.

Among the components, you’re likely to find in the Edelbrock 1528 include the Eaton(R) 1320 TVS system, a bypass valve that enhances fuel efficiency, and a dual pass intercooler that regulates the temperature of air getting inside the engine.

By combining all these features, the Edelbrock 1528 can deliver an additional boost of 317RWHP for manual transmissions and 285RWHP for automatic transmissions. It’s also able to provide an extra dose of torque to your 3.6L engine making it a worthy contender if you’re looking to cruise through the rocky mountains. Other than its performance, this best supercharger for Jeep JK 3.8 has superior looks that are enhanced by the durable black powder coating.

Highlighted Features

  • This kit delivers a maximum power boost of 8 psi
  • The air to water intercooler cools any air that’s getting in the engine to prevent temperature rise
  • The kit is finished with a black powder coating to make it stylish
  • The emissions produced by this kit are legal in most states
  • This kit significantly improves engine horsepower and torque output

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7. KraftWerks 150-03-1000 Supercharger Kit


KraftWerks 150-03-1000 Supercharger Kit with...

Product Specifications

  • Compatibility: 12-14 Jeep Wrangler V6 3.6L
  • Horsepower: 328HP rear wheels
  • Torque: 280 lbs/ft
  • Crank HP: 455
  • Pressure Boost: 7 psi

At the bottom of our discussion, we have the KraftWerks 150-03-1000 Supercharger Kit. Unlike most low-quality superchargers, the KraftWerks is equipped with a Rotrex C30-94 system that boosts engine performance while keeping emissions at the lowest. This kit is compatible with 12-14 Jeep Wrangler V6 models that are either manual or automatic transmissions.

For automatic transmissions, however, you’ll need to use an add-on kit which, unfortunately, is not included in the package. Other than that, the KraftWerks 150-03-1000 comes with all the necessary components that are needed to improve your engine’s performance.

There’s the front-mount intercooler that regulates the temperature of air getting into the engine, a Rotrex C30-94, convenient fuel injector adapters, and aluminum tubing with silicone couplers and clamps for easy mounting. About its performance, the KraftWerks 150-03-1000 is a convenient supercharger system that provides instant throttle response without spiking or surging as most turbochargers do.

Highlighted Features

  • All the components in this kit are engineered according to your Jeep’s OEM specs
  • Provides instant throttle response without surging or spiking
  • Works with fewer emissions, vibrations, and noises
  • Ensures proper fuel/air ratio for efficient engine performance
  • Offers an engine boost of 328 horsepower and an added torque of 280 lbs/ft

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Jeep JK Supercharger System


Now that we’ve discussed some of the best Jeep superchargers that are available in the market, our next focus is to highlight a few parameters that are likely to influence your buying decision. But, before that, superchargers are great components that give your engine an extra boost in low RPM.

They help to increase horsepower, reduce lag, and lower the emission of excess gases due to the complete combustion of fuel/air mixture. But, when picking the perfect supercharger system, there are many factors you have to consider, which mostly depend on your Jeep’s model and your driving demands. So, in this section, we’ll look at some of these factors that demand your attention.


1. Type of Supercharger System:

One of the most popular questions you’re likely to find in most Ripp supercharger Jeep JK reviews is “Which type of supercharger best suits my Jeep Wrangler model?” Now, in the world of superchargers, there are three main categories you’re likely to find.

These are the Centrifugal, the Root, and the Twin-Screw superchargers. So, how do you know which supercharger system is best for your Jeep? Well, let’s find out.

  • A) Centrifugal Superchargers:

These types of superchargers are very common in street and track applications. Here, the air is drawn into a compressor at a high speed. As the engine’s RPM climbs, the air in the compressor is pressurized before being pushed to the engine to boost combustion.

With centrifugal superchargers, the pressure of air builds up as the RPM climbs. This makes these superchargers both safe and efficient as the engine will not be strained with excess power boost, as it’s the case with twin-screw superchargers.

  • B) Root and Twin-Screw Superchargers:

These types of superchargers are mostly considered where quick bursts of energy are needed to power the engine. While centrifugal superchargers provide energy boost depending on the RPM, Root and Twin-Screw superchargers provide energy boost instantly regardless of the RPM.

For this reason, these two superchargers are considered for truck applications where tremendous power is needed instantly for towing and off-road applications.


2. Your Intention:

Now that you know what you’re looking for, the next factor is to determine your exact goal. When we speak of goal, what we’re trying to mean is the amount of power boost you’re looking to achieve. So, if you’re looking to achieve more horsepower and torque, then you’ll need to pick a larger supercharger that will supplement your power demands.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to achieve moderate power, then you can go for a smaller supercharger. Lastly, the size of your engine can easily tell what type of supercharger you’ll be pairing it with. For instance, if the engine is small, then you’ll need a smaller supercharger, or else the engine will be unable to support it.


3. Compatibility:

Compatibility is basically a no-brainer when it comes to picking the right supercharger for your Jeep JK. As you can see in most Jeep JK rip supercharger reviews, most of the superchargers listed are compatible with specific Jeep models.

So, to avoid being disappointed, you need to do a thorough cross-inspection of your Jeep’s model, make, engine capacity, and year of manufacture to ensure that you pick the right supercharger that will suit your Jeep’s OEM specifications.


4. Ease of Installation:

Ease of installation or rather the installation option of a supercharger will hugely depend on the type of supercharger you’ve picked. Earlier on, we discussed the three main types of superchargers. Since each of these three superchargers is designed to work differently, installation is also expected to be different.

For instance, Roots-type superchargers are designed to sit on the top of the custom manifold causing a lot of interference to your stock hood. They also need a lot of space, which means you’ll have to do a lot of modifications just to fit them.

On the other hand, Centrifugal superchargers are very complex to mount meaning you’ll need to hire a mechanic with immense automotive knowledge to fix them. In the case of Twin-screw superchargers, installing them is a bit easier though it’s safe to hire an experienced mechanic to accomplish the job on your behalf.


5. Specifications:

This is one of the most technical factors that will demand your immediate attention when choosing a supercharger kit. Although it didn’t come first, this factor is basically the first thing you have to consider when choosing a supercharger.

Now, the main purpose of a supercharger is to amp up your engine’s performance to meet your daily driving demands. This can be racing, towing, or simply cruising through the rough rocky terrains. So, when choosing your kit, you need to pay close attention to the torque, horsepower, fuel efficiency, and maintenance cost.

Your kit should amp up your engine with an additional 28% torque and about 50% more horsepower. It should also offer a decent distance of 30,000 to 100,000 miles before requesting maintenance. Your specific supercharger should also be fuel-efficient and should release low emissions to comply with most state rules.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions 


  • What’s the Difference Between a Supercharger and a Turbocharger?

When it comes to racing cars and high-performance vehicles, two of the most common terms you’re likely to hear are “Turbochargers” and “Superchargers”. To those that are less acquitted with these terms, these are basically two technologies that perform the same purpose.

For instance, a turbocharger system relies on the high velocity of exhaust gases exiting through the engine’s cylinders to spin a turbine that drives an impeller. This leads to more air being stuffed back into the engine to boost combustion. On the other hand, a supercharger is driven mechanically by a belt that runs off the crankshaft.


  • Is it Important to Tune My Supercharger After Installation?

First, what do you understand by tuning a supercharger? You see, when a new supercharger is bolted into your car’s hood, it requires calibration for it to synchronize with your car’s electronic control system. This process of calibration is what is referred to as tuning.

Tuning is an important step that must be considered after installing a new Jeep Wrangler supercharger as it allows your Jeep’s control system to recognize new sensors and injectors that come with your new kit.


  • Do Superchargers Affect Fuel Economy?

In most cases, the fuel mileage of your Jeep will depend on your driving habits. You see, the main purpose of a supercharger is to stuff the engine with more air. This helps to boost combustion, which as result, leads to more improved torque and horsepower. In the case of Jeeps and other heavy trucks, this strategy leads to less frequent downshifts, which as result, leads to an increase in fuel economy.


Final Verdict

As you can see, Jeep JKs have earned a reputation as “Kings of the Great Off-roads”. For that reason, teaming them up with the best supercharger systems is one way of boosting their performance to improve drivability. In this guide, we’ve taken ample time to discuss seven kits that have featured in most Jeep JK supercharger reviews.

Additionally, we’ve added a detailed buyer’s guide section where we’ve discussed some of the key factors that demand serious consideration when picking the right kit. So, with that said, we believe that this guide has offered you in-depth information that you’ll need before making your final decision.

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