Professional vs DIY lift kit

Professional vs. DIY: How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck?

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According to statistics, it’s every truck driver’s dream to lift his/her dear truck to improve its ground clearance. Once it’s given enough boost off the ground, it’s easy to customize and personalize it with any modifications you’ve been dreaming of. But, to lift your truck, one factor is inevitable. You need to explore your options between professional vs. DIY lift kit to figure out which route will suit your specific situation.

Now, when it comes to suspension upgrades, you need to understand that there are myriad options on offer. First, there are lift kits and second, there are leveling kits. Lift kits are intended to lift the body of your truck to around 6-inches from the axle while leveling kits are designed to raise either the front or the rear of your truck to level it.

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Professional vs. DIY Lift Kit: How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Truck?


So, whether you’re looking for a total lift or just a minor level lift to boost the suspensions, the money will have to be splashed. But, the amount of money you’re likely to spend in either of these two situations will greatly differ depending on whether you’ll hire a professional or perform the installation yourself.  With that said, this short guide will attempt to simplify the cost of lifting your truck depending on these two scenarios which are hiring a professional mechanic vs. doing it yourself.


But First, Why Do You Need to Lift Your Truck?

  • Improved Appearance: The first benefit of lifting your truck a few inches from the ground is to improve its aesthetic appeal. According to most enthusiast truck owners, lifting your ride creates enough clearance to fit larger chrome tires that will make your truck look more formidable while on the highway.
  • Boost Suspension: Another benefit of lifting your truck is relieving the suspension system from the daily stress it has to endure. This is more so if your truck is intended for utilitarian or commercial purposes. You see, with better elevation, your truck will not strain to haul heavy load because the lift kit will partner with the suspension system to keep the vehicle level when moving.
  • Higher Ground Clearance: If you live in rocky or mountainous regions, driving on rough terrains will expose your truck to random elements of nature. So, to avoid damaging your truck’s underside, you need to elevate it a few inches from the ground to enjoy a smooth driving experience without worrying about the axle or the brake lines getting damaged.


What’s the Cost of Lifting Your Truck?


Although we’ve already mentioned this, the cost of lifting your truck will depend on whether you’re planning to install a lift kit or a leveling kit. Lift kits on their side tend to cost more as they’re responsible for lifting your truck from all of its four corners. These kits are categorized depending on how far off they can raise the vehicle from the ground. So, if you’re looking to lift your truck by about 2 inches, then such a lift kit will cost you anywhere from $400 – $12,000.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lift kit that will raise your truck by over 6 inches, then you need to ready an amount ranging from $11,000 – $14,000.

Leveling kits, on the other hand, are designed to lift either the front or the rear of your truck by just a few inches. In fact, they’re usually designed to partner with the suspension system to help keep your truck level when towing heavy cargo. These kits are usually inexpensive and have costs that range from $200 – $1,000.

Now that we’ve broken down the cost of purchasing these kits, let’s discuss how much you’re likely to spend if you decided to hire a professional or do it yourself.


DIY Lifting


Suppose you decide to lift your dear truck all by yourself without hiring a professional mechanic? In such a situation, there are a couple of factors you’ll have to consider. One, have you ever installed a lift or a leveling kit all by yourself? Two, do you have the right tools to accomplish this project? And three, can you follow instructions to the latter?

You see, most people believe that lifting a truck is an easy endeavor. However, things get tough the moment they crawl beneath the vehicle and see the complex mechanical connections they’ll have to take apart. Since you have to pay maximum attention, you need to ensure that you ready yourself for the hefty task ahead of you.

So, to lift your truck by yourself, you need to contact a friend or invite a family member to come over to inspect the process. Next, you need a set of quality tools which include lift jacks, a floor jack, wrenches, and sockets. Topping up your tool kit might cost you anywhere from $200 – $500.

Since we’ve calculated the cost of purchasing a lift kit, the next step is to commence the project which is likely to take you anywhere from 5 – 7 hours depending on your level of experience. During the process, you’ll have to follow each step keenly which will involve removing the wheels and tires, lifting your vehicle, disconnecting the brake line brackets, loosening the sway bar, and finally lowing the axle to remove the coil springs and the shocks.

The next steps will include installing any of your desired lift kit which can be a body lift kit, a leveling kit, a block kit, or a suspension lift kit. Once you’ve installed the kit successfully, it’s often recommended that you drive straight to a professional mechanic to have the truck inspected and aligned.

In most cases, your local mechanic will align the wheels, inspect the steering components, and check underneath the vehicle for any signs of damages. The best thing about this last step is that it doesn’t cost you much as you only have to pay anywhere from $80 – $200.


Hiring a Professional


The next option, which is usually the most convenient, is hiring a professional mechanic to do the installation on your behalf. Now, there are many benefits of hiring a mechanic. First, if you’re a bust folk, hiring someone means that you can confidently leave your vehicle in your local garage and continue with your daily work routine as the mechanic handles the job.

Secondly, hiring a professional will never leave you in any doubt on whether you lifted your truck perfectly or if you made a mistake. Remember, with so many mechanical parts lying your way, a small error in the process can turn fatal in form of an accident or damages that can cost you a lot more.

Lastly, by having a professional lift your truck, your mechanic will advise you on which lift kit to consider depending on your truck’s model and usability. In addition to installing the lift kit, your mechanic will also inspect and repair any issues which will come under one cost.

In most cases, the cost of lifting your truck, when done by a professional, will depend on the types of lift kits that are being installed. For instance, a leveling kit, which is the most inexpensive option, will cost you anywhere from $500. A block kit will also cost you $500 or more while a body and a suspension lift kit will cost you upwards of $1,000 and $1,200 respectively.



To wrap things up, installing a lift kit to your truck is very beneficial in myriad ways. When it comes to the cost of installation, you have to consider whether you’ll do it yourself or if you’ll hire a professional. If you decide to go the DIY way, you need to get ready to spend anywhere from $400 – $4000 depending on the model of your truck and how you’re looking to customize it.

On the other hand, if you choose to take the professional route, you will see yourself spending anywhere from $800 – $8,000 depending on which lift kit you want to get installed. All in all, whether you take the DIY or the professional route, this guide has offered you everything you need to make an informed decision.

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